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Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Otoplasty – also referred to as ear pinning surgery – is a procedure of great interest for reconstructive as well as cosmetic purposes. Men and women often choose otoplasty to correct aesthetic problems such as too large ears or protruding and deformed ears.  Surgeons typically perform this reconstructive surgery to correct structural problems present at birth or caused by injury. If you are seeking a safe and affordable country for this operation, Otoplasty Ear Pinning Surgery in Istanbul Turkey can be an excellent option. With high-tech clinics and skilled surgeons, Istanbul emerges as one of the best cities for ear pinning surgery.

Otoplasty ear pinning surgery Turkey

What is Otoplasty or Ear Pinning?

Understanding what can be accomplished through otoplasty (ear pinning) surgery can help you determine if it’s the right procedure for you.

Otoplasty primarily focuses on correcting protruding or misshapen ears. If you’re bothered by ears that stick out prominently or have an irregular shape, otoplasty can help you achieve a more balanced and natural ear appearance.

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Who are Good Candidates for Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is generally safe and suitable for healthy adults, children, and adolescents, without uncontrolled recurring ear infections or life-threatening conditions.

Here are some other characteristics of a good candidate for otoplasty:

  • A child who is above 5 years of age and in good general health.


  • Adults without undetected or ongoing health issues that could hinder recovery
Otoplasty ear pinning Surgery Turkey

Types of Otoplasty in İstanbul Turkey

When considering cosmetic or reconstructive surgery for the ears, understanding the various types of otoplasty available is crucial. Istanbul, Turkey, a city with a rich history, is a leading destination for medical tourism. Individuals with unique needs have access to a range of specialized otoplasty (ear pinning) procedures here at Vantage Aesthetics Clinic. From standard otoplasty aimed at correcting protruding ears to more intricate techniques like ear reconstruction for congenital deformities or traumatic injuries, Istanbul offers comprehensive options. Whether seeking earlobe reduction, repair, or revision otoplasty to address previous procedures, Istanbul’s skilled surgeons and advanced medical facilities provide quality care and optimal outcomes for patients. Here are the main types of otoplastia: 

1- Lop-Ear Otoplasty

Ear surgery is recommended for treating ear deformities, in which the upper part of the ear is bending forward. In other words, lop-ear otoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to correct ear deformities where the top of the ear bends forward, also known as a lop ear deformity. The deformation severity of lop ears ranges from mild to severe and can affect individuals’ quality of life negatively. Such malformations can obscure the natural contours of the ear, causing it to appear disproportionately small or protrude excessively. Imperium Clinic in Turkey offers advanced techniques to effectively address and correct lop-ear deformities. 


2- One Ear Otoplasty

One-sided ear pinning addresses a deformity in just one ear. Patients usually schedule appointments when they notice a disproportion between their ears. Folding the upper part of the ear can obscure its natural details, create the illusion of a significantly smaller ear, and cause it to protrude more than usual. While some individuals have this issue from birth, others may experience it due to injury. The primary goal is to improve the appearance by correcting imperfections. During this procedure, the surgeon changes the shape of the outer ear called the pinna. This otoplasty recovery can be relatively easier compared to bilateral procedures.


3- Incisionless Otoplasty

It is a form of ear pinning without surgery. It is performed to correct protruding ears without incisions. It is a minimally invasive procedure having a shorter recovery period and reduced risk of side effects. Incisionless otoplasty usually takes around 60 minutes for both ears. While general anesthesia is commonly used for children and teenager patients; adults typically receive local anesthesia. In incisionless otoplasty utilizes non-absorbable sutures to correct the antihelical fold and reshape the antihelix, improving the aesthetic appearance of the ears and often resulting in a more appealing look with pinned-back ears.

before otoplasty ear pinning procedure


Otoplasty Procedure

The incision for ear surgery is typically made in front or behind the ear within its natural contour so that the incision is less visible during the healing process.

Otoplasty or ear pinning usually takes about 2 to 3 hours. It can be performed under local, general, or intravenous sedation.

Risks and Side Effects of Otoplasty

If the surgeon is not experienced in this area of cosmetic surgery there could be some potential risks and side effects such as:

  • Scars
  • Asymmetrical ear position
  • Changes in tissue sensitivity
  • Allergic reaction

Essential information for otoplasty surgery

Duration:1 – 2 hoursDaily life:3 – 5 days
Hospital Stay:1 nightExercise:2 – 3 weeks
Anaesthesia:GeneralFull recovery:2 – 3 months


Ear Pinning Cost in Turkey

Otoplasty price range can vary significantly based on the surgeon’s expertise and the specific type of procedure. Ear pinning cost in İstanbul Turkey are remarkably lower compared to Europe and the US. In fact, the cost of ear pinning in Turkey varies between  $2000 – $2500. 

The information it’s good to ask before your surgery in order:

  • comprehensive price of otoplasty surgery,
  • additional expenses such as 
    • operating room facilities, 
    • anesthesia, 
    • examinations, 
    • hospital charges, 
    • potential second surgery costs.

It is important to note that whether your otoplasty is covered by health insurance depends on whether it is deemed a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. If it is not a cosmetic procedure but directly related to a health issue, then the possibility of having its costs met by your health insurance provider is higher. Moreover, you can review your health insurance provider’s policy regarding this surgery and inquire about any necessary documentation.

In general, when you ask clinics in Turkey for price information, they do not just tell you the cost of the surgery, unlike some European countries and American clinics. They provide a comprehensive price range. This range includes a host of fees, from your travel expenses to accommodations to extensive hospital expenses. You can confirm by asking: “What is included in the otoplasty surgery fee?”

Ear Pinning cost at Vantage Clinic in Turkey

Starting From $2000

Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) surgery before and after photos

Reasons to prefer Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

İstanbul has numerous advantages, making it a preferred location for patients seeking ear pinning surgery. Here are the main reasons to prefer otoplasty (ear pinning) surgery in İstanbul, Turkey:

As an advantage, expert consultation stands out. Many certified plastic surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey, offer personalized consultations before treatment for individuals with specific expectations and needs.

Patients in Turkey can benefit from comprehensive preoperative assessments. Before surgery, patients undergo a detailed examination of their ears, including their size, shape, and position. This examination allows surgeons to perform precise surgical planning, leading to optimal results.

The Turkish healthcare system encourages clinics to apply safe and convenient procedures. Ear correction surgery in Turkey is generally performed as an outpatient procedure. It offers options for local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia to ensure individuals’ comfort and safety throughout the surgery.

You can enjoy personalized post-operative care during otoplasty (ear pinning) surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Patients receive comprehensive post-operative care to promote healing and manage discomfort, including bandaging, pain management, wound care, follow-up appointments, and more.

Clinics in Istanbul are quite developed in terms of aesthetic operations. Surgeries are performed to correct many ear deformities, including protruding ears, lop (floppy) ears, and asymmetrical ears. With many otoplasty techniques, you can have natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing ears in Istanbul, Turkey.

You can explore Istanbul while reaching experienced doctors who use advanced techniques in Turkey. After your accommodation procedures, you can see the historical places of Istanbul before or after the surgery and taste the most delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine such as döner, kebab, and baklava.

In general, otoplasty surgery has very minimal side effects. These include redness, minor swelling, and tenderness. Otoplasty ear pinning surgery Istanbul Turkey offers the opportunity to transform your ears. You can easily schedule an appointment with an otoplasty surgeon in the city, known for its blend of expertise and advanced technology to ensure patient satisfaction.

FAQs about Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Otoplasty is a safe procedure that can be performed at any time after your ear is fully developed. This usually occurs at the age of five. Hence, most ear pinning surgeries are performed on children between 5 and 7 years of age.  This recommendation stems from the fact that the ears reach near adult size by this age. Performing the surgery at this stage helps minimize the risk of future changes in ear shape or size. [3]

Although changes and growth in the pinna tend to occur throughout our life, the greatest changes are commonly associated with childhood. Hence, otoplasty is usually done in children between the ages of 5 and 7 years.

Timely surgery is also essential for protecting children with ear deformities from psychological distress caused due to ridicule from peers.

Yes, your ears will relax after this procedure, although their posture might vary to some extent. However, this is perfectly normal.

The safety of any medical procedure, including ear pinning (otoplasty), depends on several factors such as the qualifications of the surgeon, the facilities of the clinic or hospital, and the overall health of the patient. As in other countries, there are both reputable and less reputable medical practitioners in Turkey.


To ensure the safety of ear pinning in Turkey or elsewhere, consider the following issues: 

  • Research the surgeon’s reference and background, 
  • Check facility reviews, 
  • Ask for recommendations from reviews, 
  • Consult local accredited medical advisors, etc.

The procedure takes two to three hours, and the surgeon may prefer intravenous sedation, local anesthesia, or general anesthesia. After a one-night stay at the hospital, you can return home and rest. After 2 to 3 weeks of post-operative recovery, day by day, you can return to your daily activities, like light exercise.

Some factors that make cosmetic procedures like otoplasty cheap in Turkey include the low cost of living, lower taxes, and government subsidies.

Although otoplasty is rarely an essential procedure for medical purposes, it can definitely help you regain your confidence and feel good about your appearance. Moreover, it is a low-risk cosmetic procedure that offers excellent efficacy. Hence, ear pinning surgery is definitely worth it.

Affordable price is one of the reasons why Turkey has become a popular destination for cosmetic surgeries like otoplasty. You will easily find trained and qualified surgeons in Turkey who will give you the best possible outcome.

Hence, if you are considering having an otoplasty abroad, Turkey could be your best choice.

If it is considered a cosmetic procedure, it may not be covered by insurance, but being a reconstructive procedure may change the situation.

Otoplasty surgery is a broad term that includes a number of surgeries. However, earlobe repair is a type of otoplasty. Earlobes can become torn due to injuries, heavy earrings, or a body modification technique known as gauging.

After surgery, you should not wear earrings for at least two weeks. You should consult your doctor when to start wearing earrings.

The results of otoplasty surgery last a lifetime if the sutures remain intact.


What are the options for ear pinning without surgery?

Non-surgical otoplasty does not require any incisions and uses only sutures for pinning the ears back so that a more symmetrical appearance can be achieved.  These special sutures need to be woven into the ears, and later, remain in place permanently. The sutures are not palpable or visible after a short recovery period.

Incisionless otoplasty is one of the best options for ear pinning without surgery. It is an ideal non-surgical procedure for children as well as adults having protruding ears.

Alternatively, you can consider other non-surgical techniques that could be applicable for ear reconstruction such as the use of ear splints or ear buddies. Ear splints work well for misshapen ears but are less successful for those with prominent ears. [5]


The decision to undergo an ear pinning with surgery or without surgery can be taken based on factors such as your age, your general health, the nature of the deformity, and the kind of reconstruction needed.

You can discuss various options for otoplasty with your surgeon in Turkey who will be able to guide you about the best treatment suitable for you.


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