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Celebrities Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before and After

Explore the enchanting world of “Celebrity Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before and After,” where Hollywood’s elite have embarked on transformative journeys, capturing the essence of confidence and radiance. This exclusive collection unveils captivating before and after photos of renowned personalities, each serving as a testament to the transformative power of a meticulously crafted Hollywood smile.

While refraining from explicitly naming these celebrities, their smiles narrate compelling stories of self-discovery and heightened charisma. From subtle refinements to dazzling transformations, witness the seamless harmony between artistry and dentistry that defines the magic of Hollywood Smile Makeovers.

Delve into the behind-the-scenes secrets of these smile transformations, exposing the carefully tailored techniques contributing to the creation of a flawless Hollywood smile. Our curated content offers insights into the precision craftsmanship and artistic brilliance that render these smiles truly exceptional.

Embark on this captivating journey with us, whether you seek inspiration for your own transformation or simply wish to marvel at the radiant allure of Hollywood smiles. Each image in our collection is a celebration of confidence, beauty, and the transformative magic of a Hollywood smile.

Nicolas Cage’s Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Nicolas Cage’s Smile Make Overs (Hollywood Smile) Before and After

The Hollywood smile isn’t a secret one can hide or deny getting, especially when the change is as dramatic as it has been for our beloved Nicolas Cage (in a good way). The actor portrayed wonderful characters with his previously yellow and crooked teeth but it was about
time to see him put together with nicely done veneers. 

Nicolas Cage’s Smile Make Overs (Hollywood Smile) before and after evidence is perhaps more pronounced than most other celebrities. His teeth rejuvenation has indeed brought a fresh breeze to the screen which the whole world celebrates.

The good part is that Cage’s veneers were shaped carefully, without changing his features or the way he looked before. His new white teeth also make his beautiful eye color pop which is one of the many wonders of cosmetic dentistry.

On another note, we think Cage’s veneers are a little too radiant compared to the natural color of his teeth. But we won’t be too hard on him since, let’s face it, we all desire what we don’t have and the final result looks way better than before. Thanks to the dental work, Nicolas Cage has the polished, gentlemanly look he deserves. After all, who is the Hollywood smile for if not for the great Nicholas Cage?

George Clooney Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

George Clooney Smile Make Overs (Hollywood Smile) Before After​

One of the most prominent celebrities rocking the Smile Over (Hollywood smile) is indeed George Clooney. Let’s be honest, he originally did not have the most ideal teeth structure or shade.

Nevertheless, the actor was the most desired single in Hollywood for a long time, dating some of the most beautiful women before settling down with wife Amal Clooney.

Now, this is purely a speculative assumption but how many of you noticed that Clooney never really showed teeth on pictures in his early career? His natural front teeth weren’t only uneven but had many other aesthetic flaws up until they started looking gradually better from 2008 onwards. In 2008, his teeth seemed to have been evened out, followed by a touch of laser to contour his gums.

George Clooney’s much deserved red carpet smile reached its current state in many years and it’s such a relief. The latest dental work that was done on Clooney is nothing short of genius, bringing out the best he can possibly look, and he’s therefore all smiles ever since.

When we take a look at George Clooney Smile Makeovers (Hollywood smile) before and after pictures, we see one of the best examples of positive transformation through cosmetic dentistry.

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Miley Cyrus Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Miley Cyrus Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

As a matter of fact, Miley Cyrus was a young talent when she first hit the charts. She started touring at age 17 which is when she decided t  get her initial dental makeover. Her natural teeth were cute for a teenager but also quite uneven with her two upper front teeth overshadowing all of the rest causing a crowded look. Miley’s youthful smile of those times was quite charming in its own right.

 However, her teeth had the marks of natural wear and tear and discoloration which look much better refreshed. Like many other stage performers, she took careful steps in her journey to dental health and transformation which we can observe from her big smile over the years. 

Without a doubt, Miley’s current look celebrates the beauty of her authenticity. The most beautiful smiles are those that reflect the light within and her genuineness is best mirrored through her all-teeth smile every time. 

When we take a close look at her between the ages of 17 and now (32), Miley Cyrus Smile Makeovers (Hollywood smile) before and after evolution just worked wonders on this sweet, happy, vibrant girl! It’s every woman’s secret desire to wear red lipstick without worries, and she’s achieved that pivotal point.

Tom Cruise Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Tom Cruise Smile Makeovers Hollywood Smile Before After

Hardworking and passionate about everything he does, Tom Cruise is still the star power of Hollywood. Always well-groomed, Tom Cruise is a perfectionist and that includes his dentures of course. Believe it or not, at age 61, he has not undergone any major plastic surgeries and he’s still rocking it.

Cruise’s teeth, however, looked nothing like his trademark smile when he was a young boy. We’ve all seen his retro photoshoots from the early 80ies with crossed front teeth.

Throughout the years he also wore braces (both visible and invisible) for extended periods of time. Given that half his face is covered by his smile when he smiles big, the perfection of his teeth has always been of utmost importance for Tom Cruise.

Enthusiastic and charismatic, he has a thing for playing the heroic lead character in action movies. Therefore, no matter his age, we see him as nothing but fit. For a man who sets the bar in Hollywood, we must say that Tom Cruise Smile Makeovers (Hollywood smile) before and after difference is not just the result of cosmetic dentistry alone. His dedication throughout the years of wearing braces and taking care of his teeth structure also plays a role. As always, looking very good.

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Oprah Winfrey Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Oprah Winfrey Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Everyone’s darling Oprah Winfrey is literally the most influential woman in the world. She’s like a basket that contains all the angelic qualities of humankind with an added bonus of business skills. Of course, all of these qualities that elevate her to Goddess level come with the pressure of staying perfectly imperfect.

Oprah Winfrey’s heartwarming smile and her tears are part of her philanthropist image which she has built organically over decades. As the multi-billionaire and better dressed version of Mother Teresa, Oprah has access to the best things money can buy. And this of course includes access to the best teeth in the world.

Now, Oprah has always had a charming smile that radiates hope to even the most unfortunate but her teeth have most certainly improved in quality and shade. She’s known to turn to the help of teeth whitening systems and more likely than not, veneers.

When Opera Winfrey Smile Makeovers (Hollywood smile) before and after pictures are compared, we see that her teeth structure hasn’t changed. However, her teeth most definitely improved, instead of decaying due to aging. What this shows us is that she has been taking great care of her teeth while opting for micro, and hardly noticeable improvements.

Angelina Jolie Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Angelina Jolie Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Beyond question, the Angelina smile is a trademark. Somewhat similar to Tom Cruise, we are accustomed to seeing Angelina Jolie in action, spy, animation, and thriller movies. But off the screen in her private and social life, she does spread her uplifting smile quite often.

Her teeth composition is one of Angelina Jolie’s distinct features after all. Interestingly, the reason why the whole world is in love with her smile is because she shows a large proportion of her teeth when smiling. Psychologically, wider smiles showing maks amount of teeth are
more appealing and that’s what she has.

To maintain her stunning smile as an A-class celebrity, Angelina puts a lot of TLC on dental health and appearance. She has had braces in the past and like all other celebs, has her regular professional teeth whitening appointments locked in.

Superstars of her caliber often keep the cosmetic dentistry treatments carried out to create their famous smiles behind closed doors. Regardless, we wouldn’t be wrong to speculate that her upper front teeth are likely to be porcelain veneers which look amazing.

If we set Angelina Jolie Smile Makeovers (Hollywood smile) before and after images side by side, what is evident is that her captivating beauty shines through her smile.

Katy Perry Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Katy Perry Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

KatyCat, well-known for her electrifying performances and chart-topping hits, captures our attention specifically with her natural-looking teeth. Katy makes quite the case study when it comes to effortless-looking dental harmony. 

Despite her fame and the constant criticism she receives about her teeth, Katy never opted for any intervention to beautify her crooked lower jaw teeth and insists on keeping them as they are. She has spoken out on many occasions that she dislikes braces with a passion and she clearly didn’t opt for veneers on her lower teeth.

Her upper jaw teeth, however, are perfectly shaped and save the day every time she smiles. Fans are curious about why Katy is so stubborn to keep her misaligned lower teeth as they are, probably because we are all so used to having celebrities live up to our expectations.

We must admit that in her early years in the spotlight, Perry’s smile resonated with youthful joy, adorned with her signature playful grin that resonated with her bubbly character.

However, as she climbed up the ladder and became older, that was no longer the case. Anyone wanting to maintain a flawless smile in their 30s and up should consider veneers at the least.

As a style icon in the entertainment industry, Katy Perry’s Smile Makeovers (Hollywood smile) before and after difference could have been positively different, had she given cosmetic dentistry a chance.

Ben Affleck Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Ben Affleck Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

One of the most popular actors of the 2010s is now 51 years old and married to JLo, which practically means that they’re a power couple. Once upon a time in his youth, Affleck had gummy, small teeth that made him look not only immature but sort of ordinary. 

His teeth have come a long way since those years. The problem with his natural teeth was that they didn’t help him look masculine in any way but his current look with a full set of veneers do.

Some may argue about smile makeovers being gender neutral but that’s not the case for everyone. In fact, the correct shape of veneers or implants can make a tomboy look very feminine and a mommy’s boy roar. Luckily, Affleck went through gradual improvements over
time when it came to dental aesthetics. The current state of his teeth suits his facial features well and his gum situation has completely disappeared.

We see Ben Affleck’s Smile Makeover (Hollywood smile) before and after changes as the industry standard which is what JLo’s husband deserves. If you are Ben Affleck, you may as well get the best teeth you possibly can. On another note, it was only after his dental makeover that Ben
Affleck got rid of his unhappy resting face.

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Jessica Alba Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Jessica Alba Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Gorgeous in every aspect, Jessica Alba has nothing short of a flawless smile. She can show a lot of teeth when she smiles and thus, appears genuine, cute, and sexy all at the same time. The reason why her smile is her most important facial feature is because her eyebrows are in a straight line which leaves her smile as the only dominant way to express herself.

Alba’s emblematic smile exhibits a beautiful harmony and is therefore considered her most precious accessory. This reminds us of the most important aesthetic aspects of a smile makeover being the artistic benchmark, alignment, symmetry, harmony, and customization.

Overall, a successful smile makeover for a celebrity like Jessica Alba requires a combination of all of the above plus attention to detail with a goal to create a gorgeous, natural-looking smile that gives the star more confidence both on and off camera.

In her specific case, Jessica Alba Smile Makeovers (Hollywood smile) before and after evidence shows that her teeth were evened out through contouring and the help of veneers that are a tad lighter than the natural color of her teeth. With an ethnic background that resembles a UN assembly,
Alba is most certainly the best representative of global beauty, thanks to her amazing smile.

Morgan Freeman Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Morgan Freeman Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

As one of the greatest and most humble actors of all time, the world had long embraced Freeman with his natural teeth which looked like playing musical chairs all the time due to a lack of space. 

He did look cute but there comes an age when it is no longer a choice to opt for veneers or implants. It’s interesting how his face completely upgraded from a people’s celebrity to a true Hollywood star after he got his teeth done. All glazed up, his latest ultra- white Hollywood smile is the dictionary definition of what a Hollywood smile is.

Freeman actually held on to his teeth as long as he could, even as a prominent actor with chipped front teeth which was the result of a minor accident when he was a teen. After trying to quick fix the two worsening upper front teeth by other means, he finally turned into crowns but the overall harmony of his smile was visually damaged.

Although the world never judged him by his teeth, Morgan Freeman’s Smile Makeovers (Hollywood smile) before and after contrast is just impossible to miss. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the smile makeover, he couldn’t have looked his true best at his age.

Heidi Klum Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Heidi Klum Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

One of the most memorable Victoria’s Secret models of all time, Heidi Klum has come a long way ever since. But the curious case of Heidi is that she doesn’t look any different from any other girl who strolls down the streets of Cologne. 

She’s also not taller than most German females and her facial features are quite boney-skully. But she does give great pictures and that is why she always had her teeth in immaculate condition.

Turning every project she takes up into a huge success, it was Heidi Klum’s qualities like her discipline, professionalism, and drive that made her a powerhouse. Her smile is therefore that of a poweress. 

Her big smile, which has likely been enhanced through various minor cosmetic touches, has certainly paid off. But she has otherwise no plastic or cosmetic surgeries and not even Botox for wanting to age gracefully. 

Who knows what she will decide to do ten years down the line but Heidi Klum Smile Makeovers (Hollywood smile) before and after look shows that she is genuine about remaining as natural as possible.

Well, the angels were united to give her everything a girl wishes for inside and out and we are sure she has many more decades to illuminate the world around her.

Chris Rock Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Chris Rock Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Energetic, cute, and of course, funny, Chris Rock has distinct facial features and that includes his teeth. Known for his sharp wit, Rock was awarded with the famous Will Smith slap at the Oscars. Nevertheless, he has a talent for turning dramatic and traumatizing life lessons into comedy. 

Rock’s ability to do so stems all the way from his childhood which he spent being bullied most of the time. His natural teeth played their part in regular bullying sessions because his upper front teeth were originally oddly shaped like an upside down. 

It was early in his career around 1997-1998 when he got his first dental makeover and that’s the reason why audiences don’t recall a major change. 

We must notice that the main difference between Chris Rock and other actors is that besides acting, this man also makes a living through what comes out of his mouth as a stand-up comedian. It wouldn’t have been the ideal situation if he still had the teeth from his youth
because the attention is naturally aimed at his mouth as much as what comes out of it. 

Despite the dramatic change in Chris Rock’s Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) before and after, his current teeth, which he has had in order for a long time, suit him nicely.

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Kirsten Dunst Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Kirsten Dunst Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

As an actress who started getting recognition due to her everyday, standard Nordic beauty and of course, acting charisma, no one can tell if Kirsten kept her less than perfect natural teeth. She has been very tricky in the way she dealt with her overly long and sharp canine teeth.

Kirsten Dunst came about as a Coppola, arthouse film actress, and everything was fine in the arthouse genre because Coppola actually embedded holistic overconfidence in the way Dunst looked. 

Well, that was until Hollywood came about. Dunst was on fire, getting parts in movies she could not dream of before but it was a different audience with different beauty standards. 

So in 2002, Spiderman producers had to remind her that it was time to get a dental makeover. The whole story gets manipulated from there on because Kirsten, aged 19 at the time, refused.

The maneuver she took was different. Kirsten got her canine bits smoothened out and we’re glad she did because, from an aesthetic point of view, she was looking like a human vampire. Her two upper central incisors remained leaning inwards and she hasn’t touched those to date.

Kirsten Dunst’s Smile Makeovers (Hollywood smile) before and after reveals her sneaky dental secrets despite never really admitting to a smile makeover.

Cristiano Ronaldo Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Cristiano Ronaldo Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Ronaldo’s world acknowledged talent in football didn’t technically require him to have perfect teeth like a Hollywood star. Regardless, from a perspective based on health and cosmetics, he needed a makeover. Climbing up the social ladder as a famous football star later in life, he underwent dramatic changes in all aspects.

This guy has been around for long enough, so one must really stretch the memory to remember his original, very crooked, and very yellow teeth. He tried ceramic braces in his late teens to help with irregular spacing and misalignment. The braces came back to his life from time to time but his teeth hardly changed.

Football being a tough game, he later added a few broken teeth to his crooked teeth party. He gave it his best to get his natural teeth to align. However, he finally found ultimate happiness in a smile makeover which also improved his gummy appearance very much. 

The comparison of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Makeovers (Hollywood smile) before and after is quite dramatic in a good way. Still an active football player, he got his current look in 2022 and looks as classy as David Beckham. The difference veneers can make is often astounding but in Christiano Ronaldo’s case, it has been wonderous.

Victoria Beckham Smile Makeovers (Hollywood Smile) Before After

Victoria Beckham Smile Makeovers Hollywood Smile Before After

Queen Victoria was once a young singer for those who remember the Spice Girls. Her ambitious character played the biggest role in rising to prominence as a trend-setter, clothing brand owner, and of course, as the wife of David Beckham.

A perfectionist in everything make-up, fashion, style, and appearance to a level of obsession, Posh Spice is a dedicated business woman among other things. In her Spice Girl days, she still had her natural teeth and they were ok. In fact, we are all ordinary humans with ordinary teeth but we can’t imagine Victoria’s delicate confidence without her shining dental makeover of today.

Reserved and private, Victoria Beckham has had veneers several times over decades. Her first few veneer attempts were kept in line with the inward-angled mouth structure and they were fine. She doesn’t smile much but her latest version of veneers seems to be hardly fitting in her mouth and way too bright.

It’s surprising to see that Victoria Beckham Smile Makeovers (Hollywood smile) before and after look is a bit of a disaster. She must have asked her dental aesthetician to straighten up her inward-facing teeth and it just looks like she has difficulty speaking due to too many teeth in her mouth.