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Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Your smile is your best accessory, so having a bright smile is very important for lots of people. This is exactly why teeth whitening in Istanbul helps you maintain bright smiles without time-consuming whitening treatments. The city has many teeth-whitening options accommodating to individual differences and budgets, such as take-home kits and in-clinic treatments. 

If you’re considering Turkey for your teeth-whitening process, Istanbul can be the best city known for its advanced dental clinics and low-cost prices. Those clinics often use cutting-edge medical supplies as well as ultra-hygienic cleaning products to provide the best dental health service for their patients. Here, we’ll explore the different aspects of teeth whitening in Istanbul, Turkey, including eligibility, procedure, costs, and more.

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Are You Eligible for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is generally a safe and effective procedure, but not everyone is eligible. Individuals with healthy teeth and gums, without any underlying dental issues or restorations, are usually good candidates.

You can consult with qualified dentists at Vantage Hair Restoration to determine if teeth whitening is suitable for you.

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Book Your Teeth Whitening

How Does Teeth Whitening Work? What Are the Steps?

Teeth whitening involves the use of bleaching agents to remove stains and discoloration from the teeth. In Turkey, various techniques are employed, including in-office whitening and take-home kits. The process typically involves the 5 main steps below:

Dental Examination icon

1- Dental Examination

Your dentist will assess your oral health and discuss your goals and expectations to choose the best teeth whitening technique

2- Teeth Cleaning

The teeth will be professionally cleaned to remove any plaque or debris so the results will be natural-looking and homogenous

Application of Whitening Agent icon

3- Application of Whitening Agent

The dentist will apply a bleaching agent to the teeth, and activate itwith a special light or laser

Repeated Sessions icon

4- Repeated Sessions (if needed)

Depending on the desired level of whitening and the condition of the teeth, multiple sessions may be required.

Post-Whitening Care icon

5- Post-Whitening Care

Your dentist will provide instructions on how to maintain your newly whitened smile. This step will be followed by the patient

Price of Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Teeth whitening in İstanbul Turkey is known for its cost-effectiveness compared to countries like the US, the UK, and EU countries. Although the cost can vary depending on the dental clinic, the technique used, and the extent of the treatment, the main factor is country choice. 

Turkey is quite cheap in terms of dental treatments compared to many developed countries. One of the main reasons for this situation is the currency. But at the same time, since Turkey is a social state, education and health services are quite cheap. Even citizens of the most developed countries prefer Turkey for aesthetic operations, dental treatments and hair transplants.

In general, patients combine tourism with vacation, completing their teeth whitening treatments and having fun in Istanbul.  On average, teeth whitening cost in Turkey starts from $200.

Teeth whitening cost at Vantage Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

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Teeth Whitening Prices in Other Countries?

Here is an overview of estimated prices in a few other popular destinations in local currencies:

United States: $300 to $1,000

United Kingdom: £300 to £800

Australia: AUD 400 to AUD 1,500

Germany: €200 to €800

Of course, these prices can vary based on your choice of clinic and whitening method.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Typically, teeth whitening effects can last from several months up to a year or longer.

However, lifestyle factors such as smoking, consuming staining foods or beverages, and inadequate oral hygiene can affect the duration of the whitening effects. Regular dental check-ups and touch-up treatments can help maintain your white smile.

Consult Our Dentists

Consult Our Dentists

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How Long Does Teeth Whitening Take?

The duration of a teeth whitening procedure depends on the technique used and the extent of discoloration. In-office whitening sessions in Turkey can often be completed within one to two hours, providing immediate results. Take-home whitening kits, on the other hand, may require several days or weeks of treatment for optimal results. Your dentist will guide you on the recommended duration based on your specific situation.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe in Istanbul Turkey?

Among patients worldwide, teeth-whitening treatments in Istanbul, Turkey, are highly regarded for their efficacy and safety. In the last decade, Istanbul has become a very popular destination for patients seeking low-priced cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening in Istanbul, Turkey comes as a secure and quick path to achieving a beautiful smile with white teeth.

If you wonder, “What are the factors contributing to tooth discoloration?” here are the main ones:

  • Genetics
  • Dietary habits
  • Some medications

Teeth whitening in Istanbul can range from oral care products to professional whitening, allowing patients to choose the method that best fits one’s needs and priorities. One of the key advantages of İstanbul is the competitive pricing compared to many other European countries, with no hidden costs involved. In general, Turkish clinics are very careful about the longevity of procedures, expected outcomes, and associated costs. As is natural, the benefits of Turkish clinics increase the demand for teeth whitening in Istanbul.

Professional teeth whitening in Istanbul may include those: 

  • Hygienic and high-quality medical materials
  • The most advanced technology
  • Imported gels from the US
  • Advanced plasma light technology

Under professional supervision, applications of teeth whitening in Istanbul can be done. For individuals with sensitive teeth, professional dentists work to minimize the risk of temporary sensitivity and discomfort. Moreover, they administer the procedure to avoid injury around the gum area, carefully.

Teeth Whitening before and after photos

Reach us to start your teeth whitening

Reach us to start your teeth whitening

facts about Turkish dentists

Facts about Turkish dentists

Dentistry education in Turkey is very challenging. After years of training and exams, the country’s most successful young people receive dental education. After highly competitive training and practices, dentists need to adopt a lifelong education approach in order to continue their careers. Turkish dentists succeed in working in many places around the world after completing their studies. You can find many Turkish dentists among the experts who are accepted as one of the best dentists in the entire world. Here are 5 interesting facts about Turkish dentists:

Turkish dentists are very famous worldwide, especially in the US, the UK and Germany. Most of them are members of prestigious global organizations such as ICOI, ITI and ESED. This allows them to stay up to date and maintain high standards of dental care.

In most countries, dental education typically spans around 3 to 4 years at the bachelor’s level. However, in Turkey, students undergo a comprehensive 5-year education program in dentistry. Notably, two years of this program are dedicated solely to practical training within their specialized areas. This practical experience contributes significantly to the professionalism and expertise of Turkish dentists.

Almost all medical equipment comes to Turkey from European countries. Therefore, Turkish dentistry is of equal quality with Europe in terms of equipment. Turkish dentists work more in digital dentistry practices and in studies that satisfy aesthetic concerns. Many dentists use innovative methods such as CAD/CAM technology. Most dentists working in private clinics treat thousands of international patients throughout the year for procedures such as teeth whitening. So, Turkish dentists have a lot of experience.

In general, Turkish dentists offer very economical prices compared to European and American dentists. In fact, their offers are 70% lower than others. The combination of high-quality care, professionalism, and affordable prices makes Turkish dentists the best professionals in dental treatments.

Until Turkish dentists specialize in a specific area, they treat numerous patients. In other words, a dentist specializing in areas such as orthodontic treatment, pedodontics, periodontal treatment, oral surgery, prosthodontics, has gained numerous practical opportunities until obtaining expertise in the field.

Frequently asked questions

After teeth whitening, it’s best to avoid consuming highly pigmented foods or beverages for at least 48 hours. These include coffee, tea, red wine, berries, and sauces that can stain the teeth. It’s recommended to stick to a white or bland diet during this period.

It’s advisable to wait at least 48 hours before consuming coffee or any staining beverages after teeth whitening. This allows the teeth to settle and helps maintain the whitening effects.

The frequency of teeth whitening depends on various factors, including your lifestyle habits and oral hygiene routine. Some individuals may opt for touch-up treatments every six months, while others may require them less frequently. Consult with your dentist in Turkey to determine the best schedule for maintaining your bright smile.

Some people might experience tooth sensitivity after a teeth whitening treatment. Especially if you already experience teeth sensitivity, you might feel the effects of the whitening procedure a bit stronger. However, these effects are usually temporary and subsides in a few days. If you experience prolonged sensitivity or discomfort, it’s important to contact your dentist for guidance.

Teeth whitening treatments are designed to whiten natural tooth enamel and may not have the same effect on dental restorations such as veneers or crowns. If you have restorations, your dentist can guide you on the best approach to achieve an even and uniform smile.

In Turkey, various teeth whitening options are available, including in-office professional whitening and take-home whitening kits. Our team here at Vantage Aesthetics Clinic will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable option based on your desired outcomes and budget.

Using some teeth-whitening products may have some risks, such as enamel damage, discoloration, and gum irritation. However, professional teeth whitening in İstanbul doesn’t have any side effects except for temporary tooth sensitivity. 

Because it is considered a cosmetic procedure rather than a medical necessity, teeth whitening in Istanbul is typically not covered by dental insurance. However, coverage may vary depending on the insurance provider.

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure. It is generally not known to harm pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, do not use teeth whitening products without consulting your obstetrician. Also, inform your dentist about your pregnancy before the treatment. They may prefer some products specific for pregnant women or choose not to perform some procedures. 

Sure, you can combine teeth whitening in Istanbul with some dental procedures such as implants, smile makeovers and teeth veneers.

You can protect the whiteness of your teeth if you:

  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly.
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol.
  • Avoid colored dental hygiene products.
  • Eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits.

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