Bum implants in Turkey

Bum implants, also known as buttock implants and buttock augmentation, are artificial implants inserted into the buttock area to create more volume and a shapelier look. As buttocks have a great impact on our overall silhouette, many people dream about having perfectly shaped buttocks. We provide world-class bum implant services with experienced surgeons in Turkey.

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Bum implants

Having a slim and flat bum can lead to uneven body proportions especially if you have large breasts. Since where our bodies store fat can be different for each individual, it might be challenging for you to achieve a full and shapely bum with diet and exercise. Buttock implants are a great option to achieve the bum you have been dreaming of if genetics are not on your side. Bum implants attract attention because of the fact that they offer permanent results that can be tailored to your desire.

Take a look at the details of bum implants in Turkey to decide whether this aesthetic solution is what you have been looking for or not.

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Having prominent curves and roundness around the buttocks are considered a staple feminine look. This is why achieving a full and round look around the butt area is important for a lot of women. Buttock implants can give you that roundness and curvy look you have been dreaming about.


A round look is not complete without some volume. Bum implants enhance the size of your buttocks which helps you achieve a balanced posterior. You’ll find that your favourite jeans can now fit you like a glove.


In addition to around and full look, bum implants also help you achieve a more toned bum area. A perkier and more toned butt emphasises youth and a healthy body. If you have been bothered by your saggy buttock area, bum implants can be a great solution.


Am I suitable for bum implants?

Bum implants created a huge buzz in the past years because of the increasing aesthetic popularity of voluminous and shapely bums. But are you a good candidate for this operation? 

Before you can decide on getting bum implants you should know that a suitable candidate for bum implants should be in good general health, a non-smoker or able to stop smoking before and after the operation.

The perfect candidate for buttock implants also have a naturally flat butt, sagginess because of ageing and weight loss, or wish to have a curvier look.

If you fit these requirements, you can consult with your surgeon to make sure that you are a suitable candidate for bum implants.

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Bum implants price in Turkey

If you have been dreaming about having the perfect butt, Turkey is the best place to choose. Experienced aesthetic surgeons at Vantage Clinic in Turkey who graduated from the best universities in the world offer great results and a safe operation. Furthermore, bum implants prices in Turkey are known to be affordable. If you are on a budget but still want to get a great buttock implant operation, you should consider taking a trip to Turkey.

Bum implants price in Turkey usually varies between $3,500-4,500.

Bum implant cost at Ventage Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

Starting From $3500


Bum implant procedure

The cohesive silicone material is used for bum implants. You will be deciding on the implant size with the help of your surgeon depending on your desired bum size and specific body shape. 

The butt augmentation surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. Your surgeon will create incisions of approximately 5 cm long the crease. The implants will then be carefully placed between the gluteal muscles. Your surgeon will move the implants around to achieve the perfect natural-looking shape. Once the placement is done, the incisions can be closed. A covering will be placed on the area to provide protection after your surgery. Your surgeon might also insert drains into the area.

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Frequently asked questions

Because bum implants involve placing artificial filler material between the glute muscles, this operation requires a long and tedious recovery period. For the first few days, you’ll experience some bruising and swelling around your bum area. The pain after your surgery should be manageable with pain killers.

After your surgery, you need to be extremely careful not to put any pressure on your bum. It might be a good idea to have somebody help you with everyday tasks. The drains inserted at the end of your surgery are usually removed in a week. You will need to wear your protective covering for almost 5-6 weeks after your bum implant surgery. You’ll have to give yourself some time to find a comfortable walking and sitting position. 

Once your covering is removed you can slowly go back to your normal life which usually can take up to two months for most people. Make sure that you avoid any strenuous activities during the recovery period.

Buttock implants can offer you the perfect results you have been wishing for. However, you will need to be patient and wait for the full recovery to be able to enjoy the full results of this surgery. After your recovery period, your bum will need some time to settle in and take its final shape. Most people see the final results of buttock implants in three to six months after the surgery.

Because bum implant operation is extensive surgery that involves inserting an unnatural material into the body, it can involve some risks as any other complex surgery. It is important to know that every operation poses some risks no matter how high of a success rate it has.

Similarly, even though bum implant operation has a high overall success rate, it can still be risky. Rarely, bum implant surgery can lead to infections, bleeding, fluid or blood accumulation underneath the buttocks or allergic reactions.

Even though there are some risks associated with bum implant operations, they have high success rates and are considered safe. Make sure that your surgery is done by an experienced surgeon at a qualified aesthetic clinic.

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