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10+ Years of Experience

Vantage Clinic Cosmetic Surgeries Turkey has been specialising in all areas of cosmetic & plastic surgeries since 2010, and provides state-of-the-art operations that enhance your natural beauty. The team at Vantage consists of internationally-accredited surgeons who aims the highest professional standards.

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Elfrieda Happy patient

This clinic is amazing, experienced and very focused. It was the best decision a could made. The team and service is amazing. I would highly recommend this clinic for all cosmetic procedures.

Sophia Happy patient

My experience with this place is a great one, the place is very clean and modern in a very beautiful area in istanbul, the staff were very caring and friendly, the transportation was always on time, I recommend this place 1000 percent, they did a great job for me!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    We try to answer all of your questions in advance. Please feel free to reach us to receive a more detailed answer.

    The answer depends on the type of surgery but generally cosmetic surgeries are surgery; so probably your surgeon will ask you to stop taking any blood-thinning medications 2 weeks before the surgery. It is necessary to quit smoking a few weeks before the surgery. You should also avoid drinking alcohol a few days before your surgery.

    After your initial consultation, our surgeons will provide you with detailed instructions. Make sure to follow them strictly for a safe and effective operation. 

    As majority of the complex surgeries are done under general anaesthesia, you won’t be feeling any pain during your surgery. However, you might feel discomfort and minor pain during the first few weeks of your recovery.

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