6 pack operation in Turkey

It is not easy to have sculpted six-packs unless your body fat ratio is below 12%, but this does not mean that you cannot get the look you’ve been dreaming about. Heva Clinic provides the highest-quality 6 pack operation in Turkey!

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6 pack surgery

6 pack operation is a popular procedure to create natural 6 packs on the abdominal area. This operation is essentially a high-definition liposuction surgery that carefully eliminates the fat tissue covering over the rectus abdominis. Even though there are different liposuction techniques available for the 6 pack operation, VASER liposuction is considered one of the best options. VASER technique gently break down the fatty tissue with ultrasound waves.

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Natural Appearance

6 pack operation makes your natural abdominal muscles visible and clearer

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Carefully conducted VASER technique adjusts the fat amont to obtain a natural symmetry


Almost all of our patients feel happier with their body when they look at the mirror

Am I eligible?

The first thing to remember is that liposuction is not a treatment to lower body weight. This is why an ideal candidate for 6 pack operation should have a medium/low body fat percentage and weigh more or less around their ideal weight. Also, you should be healthy enough to go through a complex surgery. 

If you are interested in getting 6 pack operation and meeting these requirements, you can get a consultation for a more in-depth assessment.

6 pack operation cost in Turkey

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Starting From $4000

6 pack operation cost in Turkey

The reason to choose Turkey as the location of your 6 pack operation is quite simple; affordable prices and acknowledged surgeons. As 6 pack surgery is a complex and expensive operation, Heva Clinic Turkey is becoming a quite popular destination. 

6 pack operation cost in Turkey is usually around $4000 which is much affordable than the UK and any other European country. But don’t think that you would get lower quality treatment; experienced surgeons in Turkey offer nothing short of top-notch quality.

6 pack operation procedure

Your journey to perfect 6 packs starts with a consultation session with your surgeon. In this meeting, you will need to decide on your realistic goals and how the procedure continues. As VASER liposuction is a sophisticated method that requires utmost precision, your surgeon will carefully plan and mark the areas that fatty tissue will be removed from.

6 pack operation is usually performed under general anaesthesia. First, a mixture of saline solution and the anaesthetic fluid will be injected into your abdomen. The saline solution will help remove the broken-down fatty tissue. Your surgeon will create small incisions to insert cannulas to drain fatty solutions from your body.

Then, your surgeon can start to break apart the fat cells. Because VASER liposuction allows high precision, none of the healthy or desired tissue is disrupted by the ultrasonic waves.

Excess fat mixes in with the saline solution as it is broken down by ultrasonic energy. As fat cells are disrupted, they are removed from the body through inserted cannulas. Some of the mixture will be left behind to provide comfort after the surgery as it still includes some anaesthesia. Your body will absorb this liquid over the course of a few days.

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Recovery time after six-pack operation

The recovery period after a six-pack operation requires a little bit of patience. After your surgery, your body will be swollen and bruised. Some fluid still might be weeping from the area. Your surgeon will place a sterilized dressing for weeping and provide you with a compression garment to help with swelling. You will need to wear the dressing for about 2 days after your surgery and use the compression garment for a couple of weeks until the swelling reduces significantly. 

Even though the process seems intimidating, don’t worry, you will be able to go on with daily activities in about 5 days and you can go back to work after you take off the compression garment. 

Because your body needs time to heal and adjust, you will need to wait for 3-6 months to see the full results of your 6 pack surgery. After this period, you can fully enjoy your toned body. However, don’t forget that 6 pack operation is not a lifelong solution and it is up to you to preserve this look.

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Frequently asked questions

Depending on your specific condition, your surgeon will give you clear instructions to follow before your six-pack surgery. However, as a general rule of thumb, it is advised to quit drinking and smoking a few weeks prior to your surgery and avoid taking blood-thinning medication.

Because 6 pack operation involves incisions, you might have mild scarring after the operation. However, the scarring can be undetectable depending on some factors such as the experience and ability of your surgeon and how strictly you follow the aftercare instructions. To ensure that you are left with minimal scarring you should follow your surgeon’s recommendations and apply the ointments regularly.

The duration of 6 pack operation usually depends on your body and how much fat has to be removed from the abdominal area. Depending on these conditions, 6 pack operation can take between 2-4 hours.

The key to preserving our newly toned 6 packs after surgery is exercising and following a healthy diet. However, you should give your body some time to heal before you can start exercising. Usually, it is safe to start exercising 6 weeks after your surgery unless you are advised otherwise by your surgeon. Make sure to ease into your exercising routine in order to take it easy on your recovering body.

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