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How Much Does Gastric Sleeve Cost in Turkey?

Human nature evolved during the entire history of the world to beat starvation; it is therefore not an easy business to fight against our own nature, and luckily, there are ways that can help secure and speed the weight loss process.

One if the guaranteed and fastest was is undergoing a gastric sleeve surgery. If you are wondering about the gastric sleeve surgery Cost in Turkey and the procedure with other details about it, you found your place! We can confidently tell that a gastro sleeve surgery costs way less than what you would pay to a personal trainer, gym equipment, and healthy diet foods over a year or two.

At the same time, the price of gastric sleeve surgery changes significantly depending on the country in which it is performed. In this blog post, we’ll explore the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey and compare it to other parts of the world.

Additionally, we’ll get into the reasons that affect the cost of the procedure and address FAQ related to this life-changing weight loss solution.

Gastric Sleeve Cost in Turkey vs Worldwide

Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey and Worldwide

Back to basics, gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a widely practiced weight loss procedure worldwide.

Like all other commodities and services, the cost of the procedure differs from country to country. Our two cents here is that Turkey is the emerging star in this field, along with other treatments that fall under medical tourism.

While the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is much lower than in many Western countries, reputable clinics in the country also offer convenient packages that may include pre-operative evaluations, clinic/hospital fees, surgeon’s fees, anesthesia costs, post-operative care and in some cases extra perks such as VIP transfers.

Consult our surgeon

Consult our surgeon

Let’s get to the costs in some of the countries where the procedure is popular:

uk flag

The UK

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in the UK may range from £8,000 to £12,000.

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South Korea

The average cost of gastric sleeve surgery in South Korea is around $6,000 to USD 10,000.

thailand flag


Ranging from $8,000 to USD 12,000, Southeast Asian crices are much higher than what it costs in Turkey.

australia flag


In Australia, the average cost of gastric sleeve surgery is approximately AUD 24,000 to $30,000.


The average cost of gastric sleeve surgery in the USA ranges from $10,000 to $15,000.

germany flag


Germany offers gastric sleeve surgery for around €5,000 to €15,000, which is an average price in Europe.

canada flag


In Canada, the average cost of gastric sleeve surgery is around $16,000 to CAD 20,000.

turkey flag


The cost of gastric sleeve surgery at a top clinic in Turkey typically ranges from $2,500 to USD 5,000.

Facts about the Gastric Sleeve Cost in Turkey

If you wonder about the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, you might curious about the affordability and quality as well. One of the most competitive gastric surgery prices in medical tourism provided by Turkey. It reflects both advanced medical treatment options and financial advantages. Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) is the most popular bariatric surgery and weight-loss procedure in the country because of its fastness and effectiveness. Let’s uncover the key implications that make Turkey a financially desirable choice for your healthcare.

  • Gastric sleeve in Turkey is well-known for its cost-effectiveness, attractive benefits like quick weight loss and improved life quality. The country’s experienced surgeons and advanced medical facilities also contribute to its popularity all around the world. 

Some interesting factors play a role in the cost of gastric sleeve Turkey surgery. Those are the reputation of the clinic and its location in Istanbul, surgeon’s expertise, types of all-inclusive packages, and additional services included in the treatment package.

It is a well-known fact that Turkish clinics present very affordable all-inclusive packages for gastric sleeve compared to most of the other countries. Lower living wages and favorable currency exchange rates are the main reasons for this situation. As a result, the country offers savings of up to 80% for medical tourists.

  • 40 or higher BMI for gastric sleeve is the best range. If you are under this range, your Turkish doctor may consider alternative surgeries like the gastric bypass and gastric band. For a better weight balance, your doctor may suggest a gastric sleeve diet. After a sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey, you can expect to experience such benefits:
    • Losing weight quickly and better body mass index. 
    • Reduction in obesity-related health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep apnea.
    • Long-term weight maintenance without excess weight.
    • Increased self-confidence and physical activity.
    • Improved overall health and well-being.

How Does The Gastric Sleeve Surgery Work?

In a gastric sleeve surgery, sometimes referred to as a sleeve gastrectomy, the surgeon basically downsizes your stomach. Think of your stomach as a pouch which is at the same time a food processor.

Depending on your stomach size and body mass, a significant piece of this pouch may be removed by the surgeon during the procedure. You are then left with a significantly smaller stomach that resembles a thin tube or sleeve, hence the surgery is called a gastric sleeve.

You will feel fuller more quickly after food intake since the shrunk stomach is smaller after the surgery. Your new stomach is only able to contain a smaller amount of food compared to your original, previously stretched stomach.

You’ll therefore eat less, shop for less food, and, gradually lose weight (and save money on groceries for the rest of your life as a secondary effect of goodness).

People who suffer from obesity or other health problems may be able to lose a large amount of weight and improve their general health thanks to this surgery. It’s vital to remember that this operation, which is carried out under medical supervision, is often considered after natural weight loss methods have been tried and failed.

It’s critical to understand that obesity may lead to a variety of health issues and that each person’s experience with the condition will be unique. However, being overweight often causes diabetes, heart problems, or joint problems among others. Undergoing a gastric sleeve surgery therefore may change the whole canvas of your health, freeing you from your dependency on a handful of medications.

How Long Does The Surgery Take?

The precise time required for a gastric sleeve operation might vary based on a number of parameters, including the surgeon’s skill and the unique conditions of the treatment. In order to provide a timeframe here, we can say that the duration of the procedure is typically 1 to 2 hours.

Gastric sleeve surgeries are often performed via laparoscopic technique today which calls for many tiny abdominal incisions and the use of specialized devices. In comparison to open surgery, laparoscopic procedures frequently lead to shorter operating periods (and quicker recovery).

What About The Healing Time After Gastric Sleeve?

You’ll likely stay in the hospital for the first couple of days following surgery for observation and controlled healing. The majority of patients may return home in 1 to 2 days, however, this might change in the unlikely event of an unexpected complication.

Essential information about gastric sleeve surgery recovery timeline:

Duration:1 – 2 hoursDaily life:2 – 4 weeks
Hospital Stay:1 – 2 daysExercise:4 – 6 weeks
Anaesthesia:GeneralFull recovery:6 – 8 weeks

Consult our surgeon

Consult our surgeon

Find Your Ideal Gastric Sleeve Surgeon in Turkey

Turkey has gained popularity as a medical tourism destination for providing the best price/performance ratio in general. This is also true for gastric sleeve surgery. The country offers competitive pricing without compromising on the quality, care, or medical technology used.

Find Your Ideal Gastric Sleeve Surgeon in Turkey

1. Credentials and Experience: Look for a surgeon who is obviously board-certified and specializes in bariatric surgery. Check their experience in performing gastric sleeve procedures and reviews from previous patients. Not a bad one to also check their LinkedIn profile to see their national and international accreditations.


2. Clinic Accreditation: Choose a hospital or clinic with international accreditation and modern facilities to ensure a safe and comfortable surgical experience. It is important that the clinic serves an international patient portfolio and is experienced in dealing with folks from all around the world.

3. Communication and Support: Effective communication is vital during the entire process, from pre-surgery consultations to post-operative care. Finding a surgeon and/or a clinic where your concerns are addressed is crucial for comprehensive support. Ask if the clinic can provide you with an interpreter in your language.

What Affects The Cost Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Although we focus on the destination and arbitrage advantage above, there are several other reasons that influence the cost of gastric sleeve surgery. 

Let’s explore:

fees (2)

Inclusions in the Package:

The components included in your package can vary among healthcare providers. Some packages may include additional services such as accommodation, transportation, and aftercare, which can influence the overall cost. Try to find great clinics that offer an all-inclusive package and that can give you a no-surprise, fixed price. They do exist!

Surgeon's Expertise and Education:

The expertise and experience of the surgeon performing gastric sleeve surgery play a crucial role in determining the cost. Surgeons who graduated from top a medical school with a successful track record usually also attend international medical events regularly and are highly likely to charge top fees.


Geographical Location:

The cost of living and healthcare infrastructure in different parts of the world can significantly impact the price of gastric sleeve surgery. In countries with higher living costs and advanced medical facilities, the procedure costs a small fortune as opposed to the Phillippines and Turkey, where the same results can be achieved.


Clinic Reputation and Facilities:

Gastric sleeve surgery costs may be significantly higher in clinics with cutting-edge equipment and a solid reputation for medical quality. These clinics frequently offer first-rate medical treatment as well as skilled and internationally recognized surgeons, which may stretch the entire cost.

FAQs About Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

The success of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, like anywhere else, can be different for each person. It depends on your own situation, how well you follow the advice after surgery, and how good the medical care is. But in general, this surgery is known to help people lose a lot of weight and keep it off if they’re a good fit for it.

Here are solid reasons why this surgery can be life-changing in Turkey and other destinations when handled by an expert surgeon:

Offloading what you don’t need: Gastric sleeve surgery frequently results in significant weight reduction. Many patients see considerable weight loss during the first year or two following the operation.

Improvement in general health: Some types of diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems, and sleep apnea are just a few of the obesity-related health disorders that the procedure frequently leads to considerable improvements.

Overall life quality: Your own dedication to implementing long-term lifestyle changes, including dietary adjustments and increased physical activity, is typically a key factor in the success of gastric sleeve surgery. As a result, you will live a healthier, happier, and probably longer life.

As expected, you’ll be on a limited diet for the first few weeks after surgery, moving from liquids to pureed meals and finally soft foods.

In the longer term, remember that you are trimming the sail for a healthier journey. Assuming that you are determined to stay at a healthy weight for the rest of your life, expect a few changes in your eating habits post-surgery. If you haven’t been blessed with a fast metabolism, you still have a chance to make things different but you have to stay focused on your goal.

Eating normal actually refers to eating a balanced diet made of the calories your body needs and occasional healthy snacking. If your normal was buckets of ice cream and several portions of pasta a day, your shrunken stomach won’t be able to take those in anymore.

In case you try to introduce large amounts of food to your body again, the size of your stomach may enlarge, again. So sticking to a healthier diet that does not exceed what you actually need in a day is key. There are many recipe books available to explore how you can cook and fuel your body with nutritious yet delicious foods without giving up on the joy of savoring.

In general, gastric sleeve surgery is regarded as secure. Like any surgical operation, there are risk factors associated with it, including those related to infection, blood clots, and bad anesthetic responses. Patients should go through a comprehensive assessment to establish their eligibility before deciding on the operation and should talk to their surgeon about any possible risks.

Gastric sleeve surgery is not reversible simply because a portion of the stomach is permanently removed during the procedure. It is essential to understand that the gastric sleeve is an excellent solution for those who aren’t able to shed the extra weight in natural ways. 

To achieve long-term results, patients must commit to adopting healthier lifestyle habits, including a balanced diet and some form of regular exercise.

Conclusion: Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Worth It?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a transformative and cost-effective solution for achieving weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Just like with any medical procedure, it’s essential to prioritize your safety, well-being, and thorough consultation with medical professionals before embarking on this life-changing journey.

Whether you’re considering gastric sleeve surgery or any cosmetic operation, informed decision-making is the key to reaching your desired goals while minimizing potential risks. 

You can reach our surgeons to get a free medical assessment and plan your procedure!

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