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How Much Does Gastric Baloon Surgery Cost in Turkey?

At Vantage Aesthetic Clinic, we do provide the highest quality service for you about one of the effective and non-invasive methods to initiate weight loss. It is the help of gastric balloon surgery, the balloon being a temporary and friendly dweller inside your stomach.

If you have tried every diet and workout plan there is, and you have even entertained the idea of employing your own personal food police officer to monitor every bite to no avail, then gastric balloon surgery might be for you.

When the unyielding fat simply won’t go away, the solution may as well be the weight loss industry’s superhero: gastric balloon surgery.

What Is The Cost Of Gastric Baloon In Turkey?

The most outstanding advantage of getting your gastric balloon inserted in Turkey is the naked fact that it will be handled by a world-class medical team for a fraction of the cost when compared to countries with a higher per capita income.

The average cost of the gastric balloon at a reputable clinic in Turkey will be between $2400 and $3500. If you happen to grab a good deal for a flight to Istanbul or have enough miles, it’s a giveaway!

How Much Does It Cost In Other Countries?

uk flag

The UK

$6500 to $8500

south korea flag

South Korea

$3500 to $6000

thailand flag


$2500 to $4500

australia flag


$7500 to $12000


$7,000 to $10,000

germany flag


$6300 to $8300

canada flag


$5500 to $9000

turkey flag


$2400 to $4000

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Consult our surgeon

How Does The Gastric Baloon Surgery Work?

Let’s get to the core of it straight away.

1 – During a gastric balloon procedure, a soft silicone balloon that has been deflated is placed into your stomach, usually with the assistance of an endoscope (a flexible tube that carries a camera). It is somewhat comparable to swallowing a large object.

2 – The balloon is then filled with a sterile saline solution which helps the balloon to inflate and expand, taking up room in your stomach.

Basically, this aid becomes a temp guest in your stomach for a while. The idea is that you feel fuller more quickly and for a longer period of time when the balloon is inside your stomach. In essence, it limits how much food you can eat in comfort.

How Does Gastric Baloon Procedure Work - Step by Step

The balloon works well to reduce appetite, but it’s usually used as a tool to help you control portion sizes and choose healthier foods.

What You Need To Know

Keep in mind that each person may respond differently to gastric balloon surgery in terms of its success and suitability. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into the details.


This method is non-surgical, in contrast to conventional weight loss surgeries such as gastric sleeve surgery. Because there are no incisions made, there is a reduced chance of problems and a quicker recovery period.

The balloon is a quick and practical solution for those who don’t want to commit to weight loss surgery over the long run may find this appealing.

By teaching portion control and lowering calorie consumption, the balloon helps you feel fuller more quickly. It could be a useful tool to help kickstart your weight loss journey.

The gastric balloon does not obstruct the digestive tract’s ability to absorb nutrients, in contrast to some other weight-loss procedures.

Less Favorable

The gastric balloon’s effects are transient just like everything else in life. The balloon is removed after a few months, and if you don’t continue with good behavior with diet and exercise plans are not maintained, you run the risk of gaining weight again.

In the early days following balloon implantation, some individuals may feel nausea and discomfort in their abdomens.

People who need to shed a moderate amount of weight rather than those who are severely obese might consider this surgery, and it may not be appropriate for those with specific medical concerns.

Consult our surgeon

Consult our surgeon

Essential information for gastric baloon surgery

Duration:15 – 20 minutesDaily life:1 – 2 days
Hospital Stay:Exercise:1 week
Anaesthesia:Full recovery:2 weeks

What Is The Success Rate Of Gastric Baloon Surgery In Turkey?

For those seeking an effective weight loss jumpstart, gastric balloon surgery in Turkey may be an appealing alternative. Turkey has an established, global reputation for medical tourism, providing healthcare treatments above expectations for a fraction of the cost of many other destinations.

In Turkey, gastric balloon surgery has an exceptional success record. By suppressing your hunger and encouraging healthy eating habits, the technique efficiently kickstarts weight loss. Your medical team in Turkey will probably be closer than your family during the time of the treatment and will make sure you get the medical attention and observance that you need.

Will I Eat Normal Again After Gastric Baloon?

A dietary transition is in fact the whole point for you to make positive changes to your eating habits in the long term. But before transitioning to your new food consumption habits, you will need to follow a specific diet plan first.

For the first few days after balloon insertion, this will often be a liquid diet, to allow your stomach to acclimate to its new resident.

After the surgery, most patients can get back on track with their daily routine within a few days to a week (except for the junk food routine). During the early healing period, it is critical to follow doctor recommendations about physical activity and dietary restrictions.

After around six months, the balloon is removed in a technique similar to its insertion. Recovery from balloon removal is usually faster than the initial installation.

After the balloon is removed, the idea is that you typically continue a healthy lifestyle making healthy food choices to make the whole journey worthwhile. In fact, in order to maintain your weight loss and reap the full benefits of the gastric balloon, you must commit to long-term lifestyle adjustments such as a balanced, nutritious diet and frequent exercise.

Is It Safe To Have Gastric Baloon In Turkey?

In terms of safety in general, the gastric balloon is often seen as the least intrusive and safest option among similar treatments, owing to its transient nature and low surgical risk. It does not include any long-term changes to your digestive system.

When it comes to deciding where to get it done, Turkey is a perfectly safe destination to opt for, with its famed medical capability and surgical expertise. If you want to go where you are treated best, Turkey is one of the best options for peace of mind.


How Long Do You Stay In Turkey For The Gastric Baloon?

The long and the short of it is about one week in an ideal world. That is, of course, to have it placed in your stomach and the time required for doctor control before it’s safe for you to depart.

In six months’ time when you want to have it removed, you can choose to come back or get it removed at your place of residence.

It is also entirely safe to fly with a gastric balloon; it will not tear or blow at high altitude on an air pressure controlled flight. After you’ve recovered from the early effects of having the balloon, you are free to travel and enjoy life as usual.

How Much Weight Do You Expect To Lose After Gastric Baloon Surgery?

Over the course of three months to a year, individuals who get a gastric balloon should expect to lose 5% to 15% of their initial body weight. You could anticipate losing a bigger percentage if you keep a disciplined and determined eating plan.

The gastric balloon is a temporary aid to coach your stomach and food intake. After it is removed, it’s all up to you to keep on track and reach your goals.

Does Gastric Baloon Procedure Hurt?

The degree of discomfort in a gastric balloon is typically regarded as mild or low in comparison to more invasive weight loss therapies.

To break it down; throughout the insertion procedure you will be sedated or anesthetized, so you should not experience any discomfort.

You may have some discomfort following the insertion, such as moderate stomach pain, nausea, or a sense of bloating. These symptoms are normal in the first few days following balloon insert, but they usually go away as your body adjusts to the balloon’s presence.

In the following days and weeks, your doctor will provide instructions for dealing with any pain or negative effects just in case. To have a smooth transition, you may be encouraged to follow a liquid or soft food diet for the first several days.

Conclusion: Is Gastric Baloon Worth It?

We are not all born equal but at the same time, there are solutions for many of these inequalities such as a low metabolism which may lead to obesity. It is up to you to take the challenge for a happier you. A gastric balloon provides a great solution to what could be a lifelong depression since weight loss can boost self-esteem, reduce stress, and be the best life hack overall.

Because a gastric balloon is only a temporary insert and does not change anything in your birth body, it is the lowest risk you can take to take a giant step towards weight loss.

The treatment itself is quite short and performed as an outpatient procedure. That means you’ll be able to get back to your routine in no time.

Not to mention it leaves no scars and requires no healing time, just a few days of adjusment journey.

Because the pros outweigh the cons by far, the gastric balloon is considered a valuable technique for weight loss initiation and a tempting alternative for those who aren’t quite ready to go under the knife.

If you are willing to make the needed adjustments to your current weight and collaborate with your inner self, feel free to book a FREE online consultation with our friendly medical team at Vantage Clinic. You will be guided through every step and receive the best patient care that exists.

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