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Celebrities with Breast Implants | Before & After Photos

Known as the best friend of not only celebrities but all women even before diamonds, breast implants also come to the rescue post-mastectomy and are here to stay. Getting breast implants is probably the best confidence-boosting cosmetic touch many women look forward to.

Now grab your coffee as we hop on the boob job wagon together to see who rocks it among celebrities.

Sarah Jessica Parker Breast Implant Before and After

Sarah Jessica Parker breast implant before after

Still looking her natural self compared to most other female stars of her caliber, we must reveal that Sarah Jessica Parker plays the cosmetic game differently. We are of the opinion that she gets regular boosts of all sorts without throwing herself into the inferno of celebrity cosmetic surgery goss. 

In the boob department, we must say that Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t flat at all, she had smallish sized natural breasts that suited her athletic body. However, she opted for breasts that are two cup sizes larger to shine brighter in the limelight. What matters is her own outlook on life and her own body anyways.

Adding on to this, if you’re curious about Sarah Jessica Parker’s breast implant transformation, we’ve got you covered. We’ve managed to obtain exclusive before and after photos that showcase the remarkable change. Witness the subtle yet impactful difference in Sarah Jessica Parker’s appearance post her breast enhancement procedure. The transformation is evident, and it’s interesting to see how she chose to enhance her natural beauty. Check out the Sarah Jessica Parker breast implant before and after photo above to get a closer look at the stunning results.

Demi Moore Breast Implant Before and After

Demi Moore - Breast Implants Before and After

Demi is in a league with Michael Jackson and Madonna, so we don’t dare put her in the same basket with the rest of the female celebs. It is a well-known fact that she spent $300k on a complete makeover in prep for the movie Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle at age 40. 

Regarding her breast surgeries, she had a breast implant at age 34 followed by the removal of the implant a few years later, and finally opting for a breast lift. Demi Moore is admired because she uses the help of modern cosmetic touches so well that it doesn’t show. Despite the effort, she never looks like a Kardashian doll.

Demi’s journey in the world of cosmetic enhancements has been marked by meticulous decisions, including a breast implant at age 34. Experience the evolution with a glimpse into Demi Moore’s breast implant before and after photos, showcasing the subtle transformations she embraced over the years.

Demi Moore stands as a testament to the artistry of cosmetic procedures in the celebrity world. If you’re curious about how other stars navigate these enhancements, explore the realm of celebrity breast implant before and after photos to witness the variety of transformations that shape their unique journeys.

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Christina Aguilera Breast Implant Before and After

Christina Aguilera - Breast Implant Before and After

Having breastfed both of her children, it’s funny how rumors about Christina Aguilera’s breast implants were brought to the table every time she had mommy boobs. What about all the other times when she isn’t breastfeeding babies? 

To understand the true state of Aguilera’s breasts, just go back to the 90s when her career was to take off. Of course, she did the first thing every talented singer in the US does to add to her glow and enlarged her boobs to an unmissable C cup. Breast size in America may be the deciding fact to climb the ladder, no matter your natural flair or talent. Some things are the way they are.

Christina Aguilera Breast Implant Before and After: Delve into the intriguing journey of Christina Aguilera’s breast enhancement with a closer look at the before and after photos. Witness the transformation that brought her to an unmissable C cup, shaping not only her appearance but also the dynamics of her career in the spotlight. Explore the nuances of cosmetic choices in the entertainment industry through Christina Aguilera’s unique experience.

Taylor Swift Breast Implant Before and After

Taylor Swift - Breast Implant Before and After

Taylor Swift Breast Implant Before and After​ Journey: Bigger than Madonna in fame, vanity, and live show ticket sales, Taylor Swift is without a doubt the most loved and supported female singer of all time. She may be the only singer who can cater to different generations from around the world. But we’re not here to talk about how many followers she has or to discuss the number of musical instruments she masters.  

With a net worth of over a billion $US and all eyes on her, fans did not miss the extra bouncy cleavage. Because Swift has a slender figure, her artfully enhanced breasts look sophisticated in any outfit and she looks amazing.

Katie Price Breast Implant Before and After

Katie Price - Breast Implant Before and After

It wasn’t an easy task to count, but we came to the conclusion that Katie had 16 breast augmentation sessions so far, planning for the 17th. She does state that age 18 was way too early for her first breast implant and that she would have waited until 21 if she could go back in time. We doubt that she would since breast implants in the UK are every young woman’s burning desire.

When it’s about Katie Price, just by the time everyone thinks that her breasts couldn’t possibly get any bigger, she does bigger. She has five children, not just one or two. It’s her thing. It’s quite alright that she likes to take things a step further each time.

You can take a look and evaluate the beautiful change in Katie Price Breast Implant Before and After from the photo above.

Megan Fox Breast Implant Before and After

Megan Fox - Breast Implant Before and After

It’s funny how most people fall into the boob job goss when a celeb wears clothing that reveals extra cleavage. Well, you can’t judge breast implants in a turtle neck sweater, so fair enough. Beautiful Megan Fox has already had good-looking breast implants inserted a decade ago and has lately sparked humors of another change.

Considering that her previous breasts were quite apart from each other, it looks like she more likely than not, had an “enhancement” for a fuller look. This translates into bigger implants and they suit her very well. Megan rocks her choice of breasts for sure.

Megan Fox Breast Implant Before and After: Dive into the captivating transformation of Megan Fox’s breast enhancements with a peek into the before and after photos. Witness how she embraced changes for a fuller look that complements her stunning beauty. Explore the evolution of Megan Fox’s choices in the realm of cosmetic enhancements.

Megan Fox’s journey is just one example of the intriguing paths celebrities take in shaping their appearances. Discover a broader perspective by exploring the world of celebrity breast implant before and after photos, showcasing the diverse choices that contribute to their unique aesthetics in the limelight.

Madison Beer Breast Implant Before and After

Madison Beer - Breast Implant Before and After

Madison Beer, the rising star known for her musical talent and captivating presence, has been a subject of speculation regarding her physical transformation. The whispers about Madison Beer Breast Implant Before and After have stirred curiosity among fans and critics alike. As she continues to evolve in the public eye, there’s a growing interest in understanding the journey behind her appearance. Exploring the alleged changes through before and after photos offers a glimpse into Madison Beer’s cosmetic choices and the impact they may have had on her self-expression. In the dynamic world of entertainment, such discussions fuel conversations about beauty standards and individual choices.


When her covers caught Justin Bieber’s attention, Madison’s life was to change forever. With 40m organic followers on Instagram alone, she went from a humble YouTuber doing covers to a platinum-selling star with just one Tweet (Justin Bieber’s tweet providing a link to one of her videos).

But of course, Madison is not only talented but also very pretty. Still, in her early twenties, she had one of them very obvious breast implants and they look amazin’! Running up the stairs of fame faster than most popular solo singers, we feel that the boob job is one of many to come in terms of future cosmetic ambitions.


Selena Gomez Breast Implant Before and After

Selena Gomez - Breast Implant Before and After

Those who claim Selena’s breasts just got bigger and fuller because she is older, just lack making sense. When we take a look at her natural untouched breasts of her early twenties we see a big gap between the two followed by noticeable sagging after just a few years. 

Suddenly becoming busty with bouncy boobs that are perfectly firm is just against the natural flow of life and aging guys. When compared to her past, Selena Gomez’s breasts since 2022 are drastically bigger which is a strong indicator of nothing but breast implants. Sorry to disappoint but aging isn’t the answer to amazing boobies, cosmetic intervention is.

While discussions about celebrity transformations continue, Selena Gomez’s journey has also sparked interest. Examining the noticeable changes since 2022 prompts speculation about Selena Gomez Breast Implant Before and After scenarios. The stark difference in size and firmness challenges the notion of natural aging. Dive into the intriguing world of cosmetic choices as we explore the alleged evolution of Selena Gomez’s breasts through before and after photos. In the ever-evolving landscape of beauty standards, such conversations shed light on the personal decisions that shape the public image of our favorite stars.

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Kendall Jenner Breast Implant Before and After

Kendall Jenner - Breast Implant Before and After

Behind the scenes of Kendall Jenner’s “untouched” looks is a whole team. Yes, her body shape is different from her oriental body type sisters. Kendall looks European and her breast size completes the look. Medical professionals have the eye to easily say that she had tiny breast implants inserted, an ever so subtle amount of 220 to 230cc.Kendall keeps organically shaped, smaller breasts compared to LA girls but that’s part of her Parisien image as a model. Never forget that these sisters (and their mom) are part cosmetic surgery, part human. We won’t be surprised if they start a charity called Aesthetic Surgery Without Borders in a life made of a reality show.

Kendall Jenner Breast Implant Before and After Journey: While the allure of Kendall Jenner’s “untouched” looks continues to captivate, discussions in the cosmetic realm persist. Observers with a keen eye suggest the possibility of tiny breast implants, subtly enhancing her natural beauty with an estimated amount of 220 to 230cc. Delve into the intriguing world of Kendall Jenner’s aesthetic choices by exploring the alleged journey through before and after photos. In the landscape where Parisian elegance meets LA glamour, Kendall maintains organically shaped, smaller breasts, contributing to her distinct image as a model. Unravel the nuances of her aesthetic evolution in the ever-evolving tapestry of celebrity transformations.

Dolly Parton Breast Implant Before and After

Dolly Parton - Breast Implant Before and After

Dolly Parton Breast Implant Before and After continues to be a focal point in discussions about the iconic country singer’s aesthetic journey. Renowned for her unapologetic stance on plastic surgery, Dolly Parton, now approaching 78, boasts a comprehensive history of cosmetic enhancements, prominently featuring breast implants. Over the years, her colossal breast size, famously firm, has undergone numerous augmentations, a testament to her commitment to personal choices in the spotlight.

A recent revelation in Dolly’s evolving appearance unfolded at the Thanksgiving Halftime Show, where attentive eyes noted a subtle reduction in cup size. This adjustment, captured in Dolly Parton’s latest stage appearance, adds another chapter to the visual narrative of her breasts. Intriguingly, Dolly’s breasts have long been integral to her trademark blonde image, defining her as a Western music idol in America and a living testament to the evolution of beauty standards.

Olivia Rodrigo Breast Implant Before and After

Olivia Rodrigo - Breast Implant Before and After

This girl, who was born with one ear partially deaf, is now well-known for her singing. She also does not follow anyone at all on social media to stop her from spending time on her phone and that is just very unlike her generation of 20-year-olds.

From child star to teenager to a 20-year-old, she seems to have joined the sweater boob gen after her breasts have fully developed on the smaller side. That’s a smart move because from tiny to a C cup not only catches too much attention but is also more complicated to reduce in size. Why not grow gradually like Olivia?

Alix Earle Breast Implant Before and After

Alix Earle - Breast Implant Before and After

TikTok’s “It Girl” Alix is a sweet and transparent social media personality to the point that she discussed her decision to get breast implants with her followers first. From using makeup filters along with lots of real makeup to cover up her struggles with acne (and huge pores), she now has a more natural approach on her YouTube channel.

Alix had her breast implants inserted two years ago. Because it made her happy, she never thought of keeping it a secret from followers. In fact, she went a little further than that and documented her journey of going plus 3 sizes. She’s all about being unapologetically herself and we appreciate that.

Carol Vorderman Breast Implant Before and After

Carol Vorderman Breast Implant Before and After

She’s someone who may not look (or show) it but Carol has a lengthy history of cosmetic surgeries. Well, that’s without mentioning the regular injections, fillers, botox, and other treatments. At 63, she has held up alright and has most certainly tried her best to look the way she does. 

Carol Vorderman’s breasts are also implants and they suit her beautifully. She once stated that she didn’t have a chance at some auditions in her past because of the smaller size of her breasts. Given her age, all breasts sag at some point so there’s zero reason not to opt for breast implants and fight against gravity.

Blake Lively Breast Implant Before and After

Blake Lively Breast Implant Before and After

When she came to our lives with Gossip Girl, Blake had normal (small for Americans) breasts that were in perfect harmony with the rest of her figure. Since married to husband Ryan Reynolds, Gossip Girl turned mother of four (so far) has been constantly pregnant which makes it very hard to do guesswork about breast implants.

What is certain with evidence is that throughout her acting career, she has had breast augmentation, breast implants, and breast reduction. Blake Lively is lucky in that she seems very natural but she has had quite a few cosmetic surgeries on her face and body over time.

Blake Lively Breast Implant Before and After: Amidst the multifaceted journey of Blake Lively’s cosmetic enhancements, discussions about breast augmentation linger. The intriguing evolution of her breasts prompts curiosity about Blake Lively Breast Implant Before and After scenarios, inviting a closer look at the subtle changes that have contributed to her enduring allure in Hollywood.

Kaley Cuoco Breast Implant Before and After

Kaley Cuoco Breast Implant Before and After

From the Big Bang Theory to the Flight Attendant, Californian Cuoco is an accomplished actress without a doubt. Cuoco chose to have breasts that are perfectly proportionate to her body and has described getting breast implants as the best decision of her life. We second that along with the nose job she had even before she got her breasts done.

Her first breast surgery happened way back when she was only 19 years of age. She’s now double that age and thus would have had touch-ups or replacements. As an acclaimed Holywood star, Cuoco is successful in bringing fictional characters to life, and getting under the knife is therefore a viable investment type for her career.

Sydney Sweeney Breast Implant Before and After

Sydney Sweeney Breast Implant Before and After

The noticeable change on Sydney’s face is evident. She changed throughout from her lips to her eyebrows to her teeth and nose. But what about her large breast size? Did she ever get anything done to her breasts to achieve the looks?

Apparently, Sydney Sweeney was extremely insecure about her big boobs as a teenager and was seriously considering a breast reduction. Rumor says that it was her mother who talked her out of it, saying she would highly likely regret it later. In the end, those with sportier breasts want them larger while busty girls crave a medium-sized chest. Sydney says her large breasts are now her best friends and we agree.

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Tara Reid Breast Implant Before and After

Tara Reid - Breast Implant Before and After

The darling of American Pie started doing TV commercials as a child. Reid rose to fame in Hollywood in the early 2000s, thanks to her contagious energy and blonde bombshell appearance. She succeeded in showcasing adaptability across a range of movie genres.

About her appearance, Reid says in an interview that she used to be a perfectionist. It must be a gloomy feeling because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to keep up with Hollywood. On top of that, she had a bad breast augmentation experience way back in 2004, which made headlines. A couple of years later, she needed reconstructive surgery. She says she has since learned to embrace her body.

Tara Reid’s journey in the spotlight took an unexpected turn with a well-publicized breast augmentation experience in 2004. Delve into the intriguing narrative of Tara Reid Breast Implant Before and After to witness the transformative moments that shaped her perspective on body image and beauty standards. The story of reconstructive surgery adds depth to Reid’s resilience, reflecting the challenges and triumphs faced by celebrities navigating the ever-evolving landscape of cosmetic enhancements.

Bella Thorne Breast Implant Before and After

Bella Thorne - Breast Implant Before and After

Multitalented Annabella happens to be another child actor. She introduced the word pansexual to her fans’ dictionary when she was actually stressed out about her acne problems. Trying to find her own style must not have been an easy task as she grew up in front of cameras.

In the past 3 years or so we see her choosing edgy outfits for award ceremonies and events. Moreover in 2021, a picture she posted on her Instagram sparked rumors about a boob job. She suddenly started being a busty girl when before she was mostly just skinny. Some say the sudden boobs are a side effect of Bella’s planned weight gain. Whatever the truth, she looks better than ever!

Helen Flanagan Breast Implant Before and After

Helen Flanagan - Breast Implant Before and After

Left with nothing but tissue after breastfeeding three children at length, the Coronation Street star decided to knock on the door of her plastic surgeon to get her breasts in shape again. She had breast implants of 340cc at a UK clinic and has radiated a genuine smile ever since.

Often, amazing pregnancy breasts are overshadowed by breastfeeding boobs after giving birth. Helen did not stop at one but had three children which means that her body expanded and shrunk a few times. Luckily she opted for the better looking decision rather than choosing to spend the rest of her life with saggy, empty breasts.

Hayden Panettiere Breast Implant Before and After

Hayden Panettiere - Breast Implant Before and After

Hayden Panettiere Breast Implant Before and After Journey: Another cute blonde you may say but Hayden isn’t your average actress/model/singer. She has passions that make her stand out. Hayden actively participates in campaigns to raise awareness about ocean conservation and has been a diligent supporter of groups that conserve marine life.

Back in 2010, everyone suspected that Hayden may have had breast implants. But life had much more to offer and Hayden gave birth to her daughter in 2014. Giving birth almost always changes a woman’s breast situation so it may now be the case that Hayden had her implants removed and her breasts reshaped.  She’s looking fantastic after all the depression in her personal life.

Nina Dobrev Breast Implant Before and After

Nina Dobrev - Breast Implant Before and After

It isn’t often that an actress can extend her fame from Bulgaria to Hollywood. Weirdly, Nina is being marketed as a Bulgarian-born Canadian, whatever that means when both her parents are from Bulgaria which is also Nina’s birthplace. 

Anyhow, we are all witnesses that she had smallish, athletic breasts up until recently. But her pose in the brave red dress changed everything. In our opinion, Nina has had quite a few cosmetic touches on her face as well as her breasts. We are sure that whoever she wants to become and whatever way she wants to look, she will always be stunning.

Amidst the international journey of Nina Dobrev’s fame, discussions about her physical transformations persist. Witness the evolution of Nina Dobrev’s breasts through before and after photos, sparking curiosity about the decisions shaping her appearance. Delve into the nuances of cosmetic touches on both her face and breasts, unraveling the layers of self-expression that contribute to her stunning persona in the dynamic world of Hollywood.

Jennifer Aniston Breast Implant Before and After

Jennifer Aniston - Breast Implant Before and After

Funny and pretty female actors are not often found in Hollywood and Jennifer Aniston is therefore a rare gem. Between her latest movie Murder Mystery 2 in 2023 and the iconic sitcom FRIENDS from the 90ies, Aniston doesn’t seem to have aged or changed in any way.

Except for the nose job she claims to have had for medical reasons in her early 20s, Aniston swears by not, never, ever having had any type of cosmetic surgery. She says it’s just Botox and fillers and we wonder how on earth she keeps firm breasts at age 54. We must add she sounds a bit like a vegan who can’t say no to prosciutto every now and then.

Jennifer Aniston Breast Implant Before and After: Despite Jennifer Aniston’s steadfast denial of major cosmetic procedures, speculations around her appearance persist. Explore the alleged journey of Jennifer Aniston’s breasts through before and after photos, sparking curiosity about the mysteries that contribute to her timeless allure in Hollywood. The enigma of aging gracefully becomes even more intriguing as discussions about her choices unfold, challenging conventional beliefs in the realm of celebrity transformations.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Breast Implant Before and After

Jennifer Love - Breast Implant Before and After

Another “famous through Disney Kids Channel” star is, of course, Jennifer Love Hewitt. Our focus here today is her honesty on cosmetic operations she has had. Keeping it all looking natural while not afraid of getting under the knife means she’s aging gracefully.Jennifer Love Hewitt has been open about having breast augmentation surgery too, a decision she made for private reasons which also happens to benefit her career and the sensation created around her in many ways. Hewitt supports body positivity and self-empowerment through cosmetic surgery when one feels it’s necessary. Even if she did not admit to her love of cosmetic surgeries, We Know What She Did Last Summer.

Juno Temple Breast Implant Before and After

Juno Temple - Breast Implant Before and After

The three-time Emmy Awards nominee British actress is the daughter of renowned director Julien Temple and film producer Amanda Temple. She’s also distantly related to the famed Viceroy of India, Sir Richard Temple. 

Not at all representing the American beauty standards (well, she is European but with one foot in Hollywood), the natural collagen on Juno’s face seems to be melting rather quickly. Lately, it just looks like she’s trying to become a Victoria Beckham look-alike as fast as possible with her super skinny face and plucked eyebrows. Apart from that, her breasts remain the same despite rumors of a boob job.

Paige Spiranac Breast Implant Before and After

Paige Spiranac- Breast Implant Before and After

An influencer on social media and a golfer with trademark breasts, Paige Spiranac uploads videos on YouTube such as “How to improve your game in winter” while showing lots of cleavage. Her YouTube channel is purposefully erotic thanks to her wonderful breasts as the main act.

Making her living off of her large breasts, she denies rumors about breast implants. But the truth is that the percentage of perfectly round and bouncy breasts in 34DD cup size is very, very rare. The reason why this is rare is because the weight of mass has a direct correlation with gravity. Naturally oversized breasts don’t push forward, breast implants do.

Kym Marsh Breast Implant Before and After

Kym Marsh - Breast Implant Before and After

Multi award-winning Kym has multiple children and so she used to be one of those moms wanting to get back in shape while still healthy and pretty. After giving birth, she says that her breasts were practically empty and gone. Without going overboard with it, Kym had a breast augmentation procedure at age 33, more than 10 years ago.

The post-breastfeeding mom situation has surely made many cosmetic clinics rich. At the same time, the vast majority of women with breast implants say that nothing helps to describe the amazing emotion behind feeling whole. For these women, breast implants are the missing piece in the puzzle.

Brittney Atwood Breast Implant Before and After

Brittney Atwood- Breast Implant Before and After

For those unfamiliar, she’s the wife of YouTube prankster Roman Atwood whose following exceeds 15m on one platform alone. Having given birth three times so far, Brittney said in a tweet that “most people don’t understand what having kids do to them”. However, her breast implant decision was taken way back before they had any children together. It was in fact the same year Roman and Brittney got married that she had her breast implants inserted. After a successful procedure, her medium to small breasts took a turn towards a much more noticeable size. Never letting a good story go to waste, the couple documented her breast surgery on a video titled Her BIG Decision (Implants).

Danica Patrick Breast Implant Before and After

Danica Patric - Breast Implant Before and After

Danica Patrick Breast Implant Before and After​: Literally the most successful woman in the history of car racing, Danica opted for breast implants in 2014 in her quest to appear more refined. She wanted a better proportioned body and she looked fantastic.

In 2022 she decided to have her silicon implants removed for health reasons after her suspicions of breast implant illness (BII). Although the specific cause of BII is unknown, inflammatory or autoimmune reactions are blamed. Currently, there is no evidence to explain why this rare illness may happen but it is as rare as being allergic to pregnancy. It’s a pity Danice felt better getting her breast implants taken out because they did look wonderful on her.

Zara Mcdermott Breast Implant Before and After

Zara Mcdermott - Breast Implant Before and After

Model and serial reality/TV show contestant Zara had breast implants about two and a bit years ago, which she made a whole video about. Imbalanced, asymmetrical, and tissue-heavy rather than fat-heavy, the state of her natural breasts wasn’t getting any better. This made her insecure as a model and media personality because she was left with very limited styles that she could wear.

On the other hand, she was getting too many comments about her breasts to the point of social media cruelty. In the end, she opted for the surgery and rose from her ashes. Her boob job looks stunning and her beautiful smile got bigger post-surgery.

Christina Hendricks Breast Implant Before and After​

Christina Hendricks - Breast Implant Before and After

She’s a former model and a six-time Emmy-nominated actress. Christina has a striking beauty and an hourglass figure. Turning heads wherever she goes, her large breasts are indeed one of her most prominent trademarks.

Due to her (and her breasts’) suitability for the brand, Playboy included Christina in a photoshoot back in 1999 and her career flourished ever since. She climbed her way up from guest actress to the main character over the years. Christina was voted the sexiest woman alive by Esquire magazine readers in 2010 and the years did not change her much.