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Brow Lift Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Brow lift surgery aims to correct the saggy or asymmetrical look of eyebrows. If you have been bothered by the shape pf your brow area and would like to gain a youthful appearance back, Vantage Clinic provides high-class brow lift surgery in Turkey.

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Eyebrow Lift Surgery

As our skin loses its elasticity with ageing, our brows and forehead may start to lose their youthful appearance. Saggy and asymmetrical eyebrows are known as one of the first signs of ageing and bother most people as it emphasises the fine lines around the eye and forehead area.

Today, two different brow lift techniques are available: the traditional and endoscopic brow lift. Both procedures aim to achieve the same results however endoscopic brow lift approaches the problem in a refined way. Let’s take a look at the benefits of brow lift surgery and what you can achieve after this operation. 

Consult our surgeon

Consult our surgeon

Facial Symmetry

Saggy eyebrows can interfere with facial symmetry. You may notice that the overall appearance of your face changes as your eyebrows lose their youthful shape and cause you to feel like your appearance is off-balance. An eyebrow surgery can not only restore the shape of your eyebrows but also can improve any previous problems with the shape of your eyebrows.

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Natural Look

A carefully performed eyebrow lift can give a naturally youthful look that you have been wishing for. Our surgeons prioritises the natural appearance; the shape and place of your eyebrow will be restored in a way that feels and looks natural.

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Getting that little tweak on your eyebrows can boost your confidence tremendously. You can carry on with your life much happier knowing that you have gotten rid of that obvious sign of ageing. Furthermore, a brow lift can reduce the dynamic and static fine lines around the forehead the bridge of your nose which improves the overall look of your face.


Eyebrow lift cost in Turkey

Turkey is a great place to get brow lift surgery for those who are concerned about their budget but also want marvellous results. Experienced aesthetic surgeons who graduated from the top universities in Turkey offer great brow lift results for a much lower cost than in any other country. You can get your brow lift in Turkey for an affordable price without compromising quality.

The average eyebrow lift cost in Turkey is usually around $2,500. The cost can vary depending on the details of your surgery, city, clinic, and your surgeon.

Brow lift surgery cost at Vantage Clinic in Turkey

Starting From $2500

Endoscopic brow lift

The endoscopic brow lift is an innovative surgery technique that aims to restore the shape and placing of eyebrows through a minimally invasive procedure. This surgery has become the most popular way to get rid of saggy brows because of the long-lasting and highly controllable results. It is known as the state-of-the-art procedure.

The endoscopic brow lift surgery is performed under anaesthesia. Your surgeon will start by creating small incisions inside your hairline. These incisions will allow your surgeon to manipulate the skin and muscle tissue on your forehead to create a tighter look and lift the brows. A thin tube with a small camera attached to the end and special precise instruments are inserted through these incisions. The wrinkles and loosened eyebrow muscles are corrected with the use of these instruments. After making the necessary adjustments to the tissue and achieving the desired look your surgeon will remove the endoscope and close the incisions with absorbable sutures, skin adhesives, or special clips.

Essential information for brow lift surgery

Duration:2 – 3 hoursDaily life:1 – 2 weeks
Hospital Stay:1 nightExercise:2 – 3 weeks
Anaesthesia:GeneralFull recovery:4 – 6 months

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Am I an ideal candidate?

You are possibly an ideal candidate for brow lift surgery if you have significant sagging and loss of elasticity around the forehead and eyebrows. If Botox treatment has been unsuccessful in achieving the desired brow lift results and you require more effective and long-term results, you are an ideal candidate for brow lift surgery.

You should also be in general good health, a non-smoker, or able to quit smoking for long periods of time.

To have a definite idea on whether you are a suitable candidate for brow lift surgery or not, consult with our surgeons. 

Start Your Eyebrow Lift Journey

Start Your Eyebrow Lift Journey

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Frequently asked questions

If you have reservations about going through surgery to achieve a lifted and more youthful look around your brow and forehead area, a non-surgical brow lift can be a suitable option for you. You can get a brow lift without surgery thanks to dermal fillers. Non-surgical brow lift often involves injecting a neurotoxin called botulinum type A (BoNT) which is also known as Botox. Brow lift without surgery can smooth out the wrinkles around the forehead and elevate the brows to create a youthful appearance. Reach us for the details.

Brow lift surgery offers long term results as it involves manipulating the skin and muscle tissue. Thanks to brow lift surgery you can enjoy your smooth and youthful appearance for over 5 years. This period can vary depending on your skin and anatomy. 

The endoscopic brow lift is an improved version of the traditional brow lift. The traditional procedure involves creating a coronal incision that starts from the ear level and extends all the way to the other ear in order to correct the look of saggy eyebrows. On the other hand, endoscopic brow lift involves creating several small incisions inside the hairline. This advanced technique ensures a minimally invasive operation and reduces the unwanted post-surgery impacts.

Because of the incisions created during the eyebrow lift surgery, you will be left with some scars. However, scarring after the endoscopic brow lift surgery is minimal and hidden underneath the hair and small incisions are created under the hairline. You won’t be able to notice the scarring.

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