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Cat eye surgery (canthoplasty) in Turkey

Cat eye surgery, or canthoplasty, is an aesthetic operation which corrects the shape and size of the eyes, to get rid of the saggy look of the lower eyelids. This operation can reshape your lower lid contour and create a much more lively look. Vantage Clinic provides top-class cat eye surgery in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Cat eye surgery

Do you think that your eyes seem tired or give off a sad vibe all the time? Maybe, it’s time to explore Vantage Clinic’s cosmetic operations. Cat eye surgery which is also commonly known as almond eye surgery or fox eye surgery enhances the shape of the eye by giving a harmonious look with the brow.

People often try to recreate this appearance with the help of makeup, but cat eye surgery is a great option for those looking for a long-lasting natural solution.

Attractive Look

Cat eye shape is natural for people from certain ethnicities or genetics and is considered to be a sign of beauty. Canthoplasty can give you attractive and younger looking eyes.

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Cat eye surgery tightens and lifts the eye area, it can create a younger look. Furthermore, this surgery can eliminate the tired look that some certain eye shapes reflect.

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Cat eye surgery helps you achieve an elongated fox eye by lengthening the eye opening and lifting the outer corner. Such an aesthetic change often makes people feel more confident with their appearance.


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How to qualify for canthoplasty surgery?

Men or women of various ages can benefit from canthoplasty surgery. Even though this operation is popular among younger people, it can be performed on older men and women as well. Anyone who has heavy and lower eyelids is a candidate for fox eye surgery. 

However, if you suffer from blepharitis or dry eye this surgery might cause discomfort. Some particular eye shapes can also be hard to adjust and have trouble with preserving the almond shape after the surgery. For detailed evaluation please consult with your surgeon.



Cat eye surgery procedure

Cat eye surgery involves rearranging the placement of connective tissue to create a more elongated and lifted eye look. The connective tissue at the outer corner of the eye which is called the lateral canthal tendon supports the eye from under and allows you to blink your eyes.

In canthoplasty surgery, you will be under local or general anaesthesia depending on your specific condition. Your surgeon will start by making a few small incisions on the outer part of your eye area to have access to the inside of your eyelids. Once clear access is achieved, your surgeon will detach the lateral canthal tendon, shorten, and reposition it to create the cat eye look. The surgery is finished off by closing the incisions. The whole canthoplasty operation usually takes about one to two hours. 

Another technique used for canthoplasty involves creating a strip at the outer part of the lower eyelid. This strip is then used to pull the lower lid up and secure it further back at the eye socket. 

Both techniques are effective for creating a long lasting almond shape.

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Canthoplasty cost in Turkey

As one of the most popular countries for aesthetic surgeries, Turkey offers great opportunities for canthoplasty surgery as well. Almond eye surgery at Vantage Clinic is done by qualified, highly-skilled, and experienced surgeons.

Not only you can get a high quality operation and desirable results in Turkey, but also you can get it for much lower prices than in any other European country or the USA. The canthoplasty cost in Turkey is around $2,000.

Cat eye surgery cost at Vantage Clinic in Turkey

Starting From $2200

Frequently asked questions

There is not much you need to be doing before an almond eye surgery. The most important thing you’ll need to do is to strictly follow your surgeon’s instructions if your surgery will be done under general anaesthesia. You might be asked to stop smoking and drinking a few weeks before your surgery.

You’ll have to avoid eating and drinking after midnight and only certain medications approved by your surgeon will be allowed before your surgery. 

On the day of your canthoplasty, make sure that you are not wearing any makeup and you have someone to help you get home after.

After your cat eye surgery, you will be able to get back home. Make sure that you get a lot of rest for a few days after your surgery to help with the recovery period. Your surgeon will prescribe some antibiotics, ointments, and eye drops for you to use during your recovery period. The pain after your surgery should be mild and manageable. Usually, dissolvable sutures are used in cat eye surgery and these sutures will dissolve in the first week.

The most significant side effects after a fox eye surgery are bruising and swelling. You will be experiencing these symptoms for 10-14 days. After this, you should be ready to go back to your normal life even though there might be some residual swelling. Blurred vision is also a common symptom for a few days after your surgery.

If you wear lenses, you might have to wait for at least a month after your surgery to be able to use them again.

You might be able to see some immediate change after your cat eye surgery in Turkey. However, you will have to wait for a couple of months for swelling to go down and incisions to fully heal. Only then, you can see the full results of your surgery.

Scarring is rarely an issue after cat eye surgery. Because most of the incisions are created from the inside of your lower lid, the incision scars are very well hidden. Furthermore, any possible incisions at the outer side of your eye area will be carefully hidden in the natural creases of your eye and you should be cover them perfectly with makeup.

Because the canthoplasty operation is performed under anaesthesia it is not a painful procedure. Any pain you might feel after the surgery should be minimal and manageable with painkillers.

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