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Buccal Fat Removal (Bichectomy) in Istanbul, Turkey

Are you considering a rejuvenated facial appearance and a more defined contour? If so, you might have come across the term buccal fat removal.

This cosmetic procedure has gained popularity for its ability to enhance facial features and create a more sculpted look.

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What Will Be Achieved Through Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

Buccal fat removal is a surgical technique designed to reduce the volume of the buccal fat pads located in the cheeks. This procedure aims to create a more chiselled appearance by slimming the lower face, enhancing cheekbones, and providing a more defined jawline.

If you’re seeking a harmonious balance between your facial features or wish to achieve a more contoured look, buccal fat removal can be an excellent option.

Enhanced Facial Contour

Buccal fat removal can lead to a refined facial profile by reducing excess fullness in the cheeks. This can help accentuate the cheekbones and create a more sculpted appearance.

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Youthful Appearance

As we age, the buccal fat pads can sometimes contribute to a rounder or heavier-looking face. By removing these fat pads, you can achieve a rejuvenated and more youthful facial aesthetic.

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Improved Self-Confidence

Our appearances have a significant effect on our self-confidence. So, if you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your facial lines, buccal fat removal can help you gain confidence in your appearance. Many individuals who undergo buccal fat removal state that their self-esteem has increased and they have a greater sense of satisfaction with their facial appearance.


Buccal Fat Removal Cost in Turkey

One of the attractive aspects of undergoing buccal fat removal in Turkey is the cost-effectiveness of the procedure. On average, the cost for buccal fat removal in Turkey is around 1400 EUR. This competitive pricing, coupled with the expertise of Turkish cosmetic surgeons, makes it an appealing option for those seeking quality results without breaking the bank. Despite the lower prices, the quality of medical service and operation is one of the best out there. 

How to find your buccal fat removal surgeon in Turkey?

Choosing the right surgeon is paramount for a successful buccal fat removal journey. Research and consider certified and reputable cosmetic surgeons in Turkey who specialize in facial procedures. Reading reviews, viewing before-and-after photos, and arranging a consultation can help you make an informed decision about the surgeon who best aligns with your goals.

Buccal fat removal surgery cost at Vantage Clinic in Turkey

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is 1400 EUR

How to Qualify for Buccal Fat Removal?

Qualifying for buccal fat removal involves a consultation with a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. During the consultation, the surgeon will evaluate your facial structure, discuss your aesthetic goals, and determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. Generally, ideal candidates are individuals with well-defined facial bone structures who are seeking a slimmer and more sculpted facial appearance.

The buccal fat removal procedure is typically performed as an outpatient surgery under local or general anaesthesia. The surgeon makes small incisions inside the mouth, ensuring no visible scars on the face. The buccal fat pads are then carefully located and gently removed. The incisions are then sutured, and you will be given post-operative care instructions.

Once you are under the influence of the anaesthetic, your surgeon will start by making the necessary incisions. Depending on your surgery and your surgeon’s preference, small incisions inside your mouth or under the chin. 

For under-projected chin structures, a chin implant is usually used. On the other hand, for over-projected chin excess bone is removed. Your surgeon will close the incisions after achieving the desired chin shape. The incisions can be closed by using sutures, skin adhesives or tapes.

Yes, buccal fat removal is considered a permanent procedure. Once the buccal fat pads are removed, they do not grow back. However, it’s important to note that the ageing process can still affect your facial appearance over time. As such, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following a skincare regimen can help you enjoy the long-term benefits of buccal fat removal.

Essential information for buccal fat removal surgery

Duration:30 min – 1 hourDaily life:1 – 2 weeks
Hospital Stay:Exercise:2 weeks
Anaesthesia:Local – GeneralFull recovery:3 – 4 weeks

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Frequently asked questions

You might have a load of questions in your mind if you are thinking about going through a buccal fat removal surgery. Take a look at the answers to the most commonly asked questions and if you can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can always contact us for more information.

Recovery times can vary, but most patients can expect to resume regular activities within one to two weeks. Make sure to give your body to heal and rest after your operation.

The size of buccal fat pads is primarily influenced by genetics. While a healthy lifestyle can affect overall fat distribution, it may not significantly impact buccal fat pad volume.

Since the removed buccal fat pads do not regenerate, the procedure is essentially permanent. Thus, it is important to make sure that you are sure about this decision to undergo a buccal fat removal operation.

Generally, the results of buccal fat removal are long-lasting, so the need for a second procedure is rare. If you believe that you are in need of a second operation, you can consult with your surgeon to explore your options.

When performed by a skilled surgeon, buccal fat removal should not cause sagging. Instead, it can enhance facial contours and provide a more youthful appearance.

Buccal fat removal in Turkey offers a gateway to achieving your desired facial aesthetic at an affordable cost. With its transformative benefits, long-lasting results, and qualified cosmetic surgeons, this procedure can help you embrace your unique beauty with confidence. If you’re considering buccal fat removal, take the time to research, consult with experts, and embark on a journey that can redefine your facial features and boost your self-esteem. Our expert team is here to help you if you have any questions. Contact us for a consultation!

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