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Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in Turkey

Brazilian butt lift, which is commonly known as BBL operation, is a lipofilling or fat transfer procedure. This operation aims to create a more desired butt shape. This technique uses the patient’s own fat tissue to create volume at the buttocks. This is why BBL operation is much safer and leads to the most natural-looking results. We provide a world-class BBL surgery in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Brazilian butt lift (BBL)

The natural structure of your buttocks is determined by your anatomy, genetics, and how your body deposits fat. This combination can result in a flat butt shape or less pronounced curves. Also, the shape of your buttocks might change over the years and lose its toned appearance. 

Whatever the reason, if you want to have a fuller and perkier butt, a Brazilian butt lift operation is the way to go. You can achieve a balanced figure and improve your proportions naturally and seamlessly.

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For someone who likes to have a curvaceous body shape, a flat look from the sides and behind might be annoying. BBL operation can make sure that your buttocks have a round look and create the curves you want.


In addition to roundness, volume is essential for a perfect butt. You can adjust the volume of your buttocks by controlling the amount of fat transferred to the area. This way BBL can give you the most natural full and round look you have been dreaming about.


You’ll want your full and round buttocks to have a toned appearance as well. As leanness is considered a sign of youth and health, your buttocks must look perky and toned. Brazilian butt lift makes sure that the fat tissue is placed to create a toned look.


How does BBL work?

Brazilian butt lift is done in three stages; liposuction, fat preparation, and fat injection. The operation is done under general anaesthesia. The excess fat from your abdomen or thighs is removed by liposuction, harvested fat is purified and then injected into your buttocks.

Your surgeon will start by determining and marking the harvest and target areas of your body. Once you are under the influence of anaesthesia, necessary incisions are created at the harvest area for liposuction.

Fat tissue is broken down with the help of tumescent fluid, high pressure water jet or vibration and drained from the body through a cannula. The liposuction process not only harvests the necessary fat tissue for BBL but also gives the donor area a toned look. 

The harvested fat cells are then treated to get rid of any impurities such as blood and excess fluid. This way only the healthiest fat cells are left for the injection step. 

Your surgeon will inject the harvested healthy fat cells into your buttocks. To create the desired shape and form, the fat tissue will be injected into the pre-determined areas of the buttocks. Your surgeon will make sure to give a rounded and toned appearance to your buttocks. Once the desired shape is achieved, your surgeon will close the incisions.

Essential information for BBL surgery

Duration:3 – 4 hoursDaily life:1 – 2 weeks
Hospital Stay:1 nightExercise:4 – 6 weeks
Anaesthesia:GeneralFull recovery:3 – 6 months


How much is a BBL operation in Turkey?

You’ll be glad to find that Turkey is a great place to get a Brazilian buttock lift for much lower prices. Top-quality clinics and world-renowned surgeons offer high quality bum lift operations in Turkey for affordable prices. The average price of a Brazilian bum lift in Turkey is around $2,000 and $3,000.

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BBL cost at Vantage Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

Starting From $2000


Am I suitable for a BBL?

A good candidate for BBL must generally be in good health and have no other important health complications. If you are a smoker, you should be willing to quit smoking for a few months before and after the surgery. Similarly, you should also be willing to stop drinking for a while before and after your surgery.

Additionally, having sufficient fat deposits at a suitable donor area such as your thighs or abdomen is important for a successful BBL operation.

As the recovery period involves wearing a compression garment and paying frequent visits to the clinic, being willing to follow up on the instructions and to set aside the necessary time is necessary to be a suitable BBL candidate.

A suitable candidate for BBL operation should also have tried and failed to achieve a full and round butt look via diet and exercise.

If you think that you conform to these requirements, go ahead and book a consultation!

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BBL before and after photos

Frequently asked questions

Because Brazilian butt lift is a complex and invasive surgery, it takes some patience to see the full results after your operation. Even though you’ll be able to notice the increased volume and round shape, you’ll have to wait for bruising and swelling to go down before you can see the final results. This process can take up to 3-6 months. 

It is extremely important to know that paying the necessary visits to your surgeon’s office for post-operative check-ups is crucial for achieving a faster and safer recovery. You can see the full results of your BBL operation much sooner if you keep up with your appointments.

There is a lot of talk about the safety of the Brazilian butt lift operation. While some of the horror stories stem from real events, it is important to understand that the safety of a BBL surgery depends on the surgeon’s experience. This is actually valid for any surgical operation. 

For a safe BBL operation, where your doctor injects the harvested fat cells is crucial. Your surgeon should be injecting the purified fat cells above the muscle tissue underneath your skin. Following this rule of thumb, ensures that fat cells stay put where they are injected and does not move into the gluteal vessels and cause fat embolisms. 

Provided that you make your research and ensure to go to a qualified clinic, the BBL operation is considered safe and effective.

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